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Scope has been owned for two years. Hunted only one deer season.

It’s a well built scope, has awesome clarity and is durable and versatile, but you have to rely on an app of give you accurate load data and what magnification to use, and where the round will fall on the BDC. The scope itself is around four hundred and fifty dollars.

4-time zoom range and up to four Inch of eye relief. Easy adjustments with Spring-Loaded Instant Zero-Reset Turrets. Ultra ClearCoat Optical System for up to 95% light transmission.
The controls move nice and smooth. There is no stalling as the magnification wheel turns, and while it’s not overly loose, it’s smooth and concise. The turrets aren’t target style, but are fingertip adjustable. They are covered with an aluminum case and make nice, tactile adjustments. If you can’t hear the clicks you can feel them.
While the adjustments are finger tip adjustable, to reindex the turrets you will need a small tool. This can be a screw driver, a coin, or the rim of a cartridge.

The side focus turret is a nice touch and makes focusing easy. The knob works perfectly for keeping a solid sight picture while making adjustments. Another bonus is when winter hunting you can work the knob while wearing gloves. The side focus knob has an easy to use locking mechanism as well, another nice touch to ensure once your focus is set, and it stays set.
Glass/housing in excellent condition..

Vancouver, WA

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