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The second annual MadCowtilla weekend!

When: June 20-23
Where: Cowlitz River at Blue Creek

This is a group of various board members getting together to fish for one to four days of fishing, camping and socializing. Everyone is invited. On Saturday evening, we will be having a BBQ and potluck. Gooose will be providing oysters, steamer clams, some crab and prawns. I will be bringing a turkey to deep fry and various other goodies.

If you have boats, bring em! If not, there is bank fishing and hopefully we will have some more open seats.

There will be a half dozen guys getting together for a jig swap. If you’re interested in participating, email me and I will send you more info.

There will be at least one keg of beer.

Ladies and kids are welcome.

Unimproved camping is in the grass areas, so no power or water is available. Also, no picnic tables so you will need to bring chairs and folding tables. If you desire better accomodations, Barrier Dam Campground is just up the road.

This is a get together of board members and not a derby or tournament. No prizes will be given. (perhaps a few gag gifts though) This event isn't endorsed by Ifish or Jennie. However, we DO appreciate being allowed to make these announcements here. Thanks Jennie. :cheers:
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