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Newport Nooks 08-22-03

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We took advantage of the soft ocean and great weather to head out and try for some nooks.

We ended up with 4, but two were large at 33 and 31 lbs. Got a larger ling too for a kicker!

We ran into Pilar, Bug Flicker, Master Caster and others on the inside of the Rock Pile. Glad to talk to you all! :cheers:

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great to see you too sd. i will have ramstrong and his brother in law from nova scotia with me tommorow. as of right now at 9:45 pm it is a dead calm evening in lincoln city. pray for a flat ocean ..

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I cant even remember all the people we met and talked to out at the pile today but thanx go out to all of you!

Was nice meeting you too Spoiled Daddy some very nice fish you got there. :cheers:

Thanx again to BUG_FLICKER for being our wingman out to the pile. Thanx also to Pilar for bringing us in on the action! If it wasnt for them I would have never hooked into my first BFB of a halibut! It was 53"!! :dance: First time ever out to the pile and first time Halibut fishing. :cheers: It was quite a day and a very nice ocean.

Nice to have met everyone and hope to do it again sometime soon. :dance:

Jon :smile: :grin: :smile:

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You've been whackin' and stackin'

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