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Ok - I admit it I've been a lurker for quite some time. What's kept me form posting? Some of us are a little shy and inexperienced. I didn't have much CR fishing experience. I bought a boat last year that would handle the CR and I needed time to learn.
I want to thank all of you that posted how to, where to and when to. All thoes great tips have made me a better fisherman. This really is a great site.

Newbie Story - My brother, his wife, her sister and the sister's daughter came from Kansas City to visit and they wanted to go fishing in my new boat. I decided to take them Sturgeon fishing in the Gorge. They had never heard of a Sturgeon. We left the dock at Rooster Rock and headed for Multnomah falls. I had never cought a keeper but I thought we had a good chance this trip. While trailering to the ramp they asked me about Lewis & Clark. I told them that they were at the very place that Lewis & Clark had visited and that this part of the river was almost the same as when Lewis & Clark came through. They were very interested. I anchored up and right away they started catching shaker after shaker, but no keepers. I moved down to the stone house, same thing. Then down to the Wall. Again, nothing but shakers. It's now afternoon and time to head home. I feel real bad that I couldn't get them a keeper. I was down in the dumps. But on the way back to the ramp all they talked about was the amount of funny looking fish they had cought, the beauty of the Gorge and the fact that they were in the exact area where Lewis & Clark had been. Like a 2x4 between the eyes I finally woke up. (I'm a little slow sometimes) They had had a great time and didn't care that they hadn't brought any fish home. I realized I didn't care eigher.
Lots of action, great people to be with, great scenery - taking home fish is just a bonus.
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