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It seems to be tradition here that a good fishing story is proper etiquette to introduce yourself by, so I’ll try my best.

My father always had the best intentions and tried his damndest to spend quality time with me. We did many things together but the one thing that we did that is of significance here is to fish. I remember waking up at 4 a.m. to go and catch nightcrawlers in my mother’s flower gardens after watering them the night before. We would then load up and head out to his secret hiding place all the while trying to beat the sun to it. Inevitably, we would catch some, get skunked sometimes but most of all spend a lot of time rigging my pole because I got snagged.

Tired of unproductive river fishing in the upper Clackamas (basically we sucked), My dad bought a 12’ sears boat with a 3.5 horse mercury outboard motor and decided that we would go troll the North Fork Reservoir using ford fenders. We could hardly wait until that Saturday morning and had the boat put in before sun up after jack knifing the trailer 3 or 4 dozen times. We started out trolling and much to our chagrin hooked two 12” rainbows nearly simultaneously. We knew that this boat would then redeem all of our fishing efforts. I started slamming them. I reeled in fish after fish and my father hadn’t even had a bite. This was after we had made 5 or 6 trolls around this fairly sizeable lake. My dad had never even thought to reel in and see what was going on. He finally did. The ford fender surfaced ~10’ from the back of the boat and the realization of why my dad had caught nothing compared to my 12 set in… There was a 4” fingerling trailing behind my dads ford fender. Its mouth was stretched to twice its normal size and only god knows how long that little fish had been dragging along. We kept fishing until dark that day and chuckled about that the whole time. We made jokes about him getting a ticket for using live bait.

We made many more trips with that boat during that summer but all of the other memories are a blur in comparison to this one. The next year something changed. We sold the boat and really never fished again with exception to the annual Father’s Day trip out to the ocean for bottom fishing. I’m not sure why it changed but I do know that my youth gave way to becoming a young adult. I do know that I never fully fathomed what moments like these meant until now. And, that is only because I have two boys of my own. I want to be back there with my dad fishing in that piece of crap boat… I want to give my boys those memories.[/color]

That is why I’m here at Ifish.net. I do not have much fishing knowledge but a real desire to learn. I'll be glad to share what I can and will always make sure that you all hear about the ones we caught, the ones that got away, and the ones we let go.

I look forward to contributing to the Ifish community,

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