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This is my first posting, and want to introduce myself to your organization. My title is tdcabo, many of you have seen me out of Garibalidi the last 5 years. I have a 21 1/2 Cabo center. For the last 20 years prior I have run the 20' dory "Pelican". I have been fishing tuna since 1972 and have fished commercial out of Cannon beach for several years. I am now retired, and willing to share and recieve information from this great group of fisherman. I have been reading your postings for some time and really think you guys (and gals) have it on the ball. I mainly fish Garibaldi in the summer, Nehalem in the fall, the eastern Columbia and John Day the rest of the year. Look forward to talking to you folks in the future.
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Welcome to the board. I have a new 22' Learned Dory that I fish mainly out of PC, but sometimes Garibaldi. Glad to have you join up.
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