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new to steelhead fishing

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So I went float fishing today... I am using a 9'6 okuma with a 4000 pflueger president with 12 pound maxima and a 8 pound fluorocarbon leader. I was using a 1/2oz aerofloat, egg weights on my main line to a swivel going to my leader with a single split shot halfway on my leader before a size 6 egg hook, I was using a spawn sac.

Does anyone else have the problem were they cast and a knot gets formed by the split shot on there leader ?

When should I float spawn vs drift spawn? I was fishing a 20 foot ish hole
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Look for an Addicted video about a 2-bead setup on YouTube. He describes a technique of casting that helps keep your gear from getting tangled when it lands. Essentially, stop the cast with your hand on the reel right before it hits the water.
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