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New Oregon State Record Archery Bull

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Maybe this has been posted already?? But don't recall seeing this one - heck of a bull!!

WRO or kaseyfield you guys know anything about this one??

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I would have no issue if I shot one on private. I only hunt public now though. Took several Oregon book whitetails on private back in the day. Never entered one.
Well aren't you special. I have the state record A typical Turkey that was shot on private. With your theory I shouldn't have put it in the book. It's not about me killing that bird! It's all about the bird itself. Public or private that bird needed to go in the book.
Its not the bull from 2015. Pretty sure the 2015 bull spread his genetics to this one. This bull was a little over 400 gross from what I heard.

I do not know what an A typical turkey is. Thats sweet though!

Kasey, you may have. We had been aware of him for a few years. You are one of a few guys who I would not argue could of seen him before me! We had a rifle tag the year he was killed. We had him on cam, hard horned, several miles away a couple days before he was killed. I was super bummed! He made it through archery and I was feeling good! Then an older guy shot him off the road! He was super cool bull!

Its good entertainment, thats why!
A Tom with multiple beards is scored as A Typical.
1 - 2 of 109 Posts