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New Oregon State Record Archery Bull

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Maybe this has been posted already?? But don't recall seeing this one - heck of a bull!!

WRO or kaseyfield you guys know anything about this one??

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That bull deserves and should get it's due respect, regardless of where it was killed. In my eye's a book critter is as much appreciation for the animal as accomplishment for the hunter (I do like the idea of noting an outfitter if used, anyone can shoot a gun). To say that bull doesn't deserve the respect of being what it was because of where it was killed is ridiculous.

As far as public vs. private there's usually a noticeable difference in game population and hunting pressure. It doesn't mean your gonna kill a big critter, or any critter at all, but it's a big enough factor that ODFW is asking the question on the harvest report.
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I thought in the picture where he was packing out the head an horns, "Man, that must be a really small dude!" because it didn't look in proportion. I get nervous thinking about normal sized bulls!
The rifle bull killed in 2020 I thought the same thing. I saw a picture early on, before it had been officially scored. It was of him with the horns pointing towards sky packing it out on an open hillside, without anything for reference. I remember thinking these don't look proportionately sized to that human... They weren't lol
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As said by wro that bull pictured wasn't the one killed in 2015. I'm not sure what it scored, but it ain't 427. It looks extremely similar in genetics and is likely off spring of the one killed in 2015. Uncanny the similarities in genetics.
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