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Hello all,
I have been a lurker for a while and decided to jump in.
One of my favorite fish stories was when I was fishing the lower Deschutes for steelhead. I was on the bank throwing blue fox spinners when I hook a little native. I was excited because it was my first one ever landed. Then ten minutes go by and I hook into a very nice big one as he was coming in he was wrapped around a fallen tree. I was in a panic I could not get him away from the tree if I went down to the water the tension would be off the line and I would lose the fish. So I yelled to the guy I did not know up river to come down and give me a hand he jumped in chest high picked up the tree slid the line away from the tree the fish jumped and hit him in the face he threw my first keeper on shore. Therefore, the moral of this store is always help out your fellow fishermen
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