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New Girl!!

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A few months ago we had to put down our 16 yr old black lab. :sick: My wife was very upset as she was home with the dog most of the time. So for her birthday this week she picked out this little gal. :flowered: She had parvo and is still thin but will be just fine. Shes part lab,border collie and blue heeler. We have had he for 24hrs and she is smart!! Now we need to name her. My wife likes domino, I'm not so sure. Any suggestions? :shrug: :help:



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Nice looking pup, are there any more in the litter. I had to put a great dog down myself he was Newfoundland and heeler. I would like to find a good cross breed that is prone to enjoy the water.

As for a name she looks like a Teak or Teketa to me. :smile:
I want one! My dog needs someone to play with when I'm at work or out fishing. Any left?

There is one girl puppy left from the litter the other two didn't survive. As of yesterday she still hadn't been adopted. We got her from OFOSA (Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals). If you go to petfinder.com you will find their info listed under "Animal Shelter/Rescue Groups" at the top of the website. Her sister is all black with some white and very cute too. :flowered: I think she is on display today at the Beaverton Petco off of TV Hwy from 1-4pm. I can say that we are really happy with this little one. She slept through the night in her crate after only minimal whining. Within a short time last night she learned the command "sit" and is already letting us know when she needs to go out. Very smart puppy!! :grin:
How about "C.C." Short for cookies and cream.

JF :wave:
You can't look at that dog and not say......CUTE
Great new baby. She is cute. :flowered:
looks to have a very sly devilish look....

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I think you need to name her "Ford"
I really like domino for the cute little girl

i was gonna say ford also.how about sleepy!! maybe belle
looks like i missed it by 22.JET looks like you the man
She looks like a bandit to me, although Oreo ice cream came to mind also.
Good on you Jet!!!

SG :flowered:
You won on my post! :bigshock: Does this mean I get to go with you? :wink: :laugh: :applause:
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