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If you enjoyed The Coming of the Pond Fishes, and enjoy reading about non native species, and their introduction in our systems, the havoc they can wreak, and how the government and media deals with it, you might enjoy reading this book.
Snake Head A Fish out of Water is written by Eric Jay Dolin, and I have been turning pages, faster than I ever remember!

I loved the part where the guys are trying to catch one...and succeed!! :smile:

Anyway, it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a book so much. You might want to order it. If you use the link above, it supports ifish, too!

Snakehead is written by Jay Dolin, Ph.D., who has published six books, including "The Smithsonian Book of National Wildlife Refuges" and "The Duck Stamp Story."
The story is about the "Frankenfish," the "pit bull with fins," the "fish from hell" -- an invasive species that went from obscurity to fame, becoming front page news and the topic of one of David Letterman's Top Ten lists in the summer of 2002.

Oh, by the way, Eric is going to call today. He says he'd like to participate in the "Ready Set Contests", so I'll be able to give you guys and gals a few! Fun!

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