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Man, after driving over in a heck of a rain storm, we put in at Woods and didn't get wet the rest of the day. Well except for the fish splashing us.
Thing were pretty good during the morning tide change, then it really went dead.
We ended up with one nice chrome hen :dance: at 30#. I had anouther that came uncorked :sleep: before I could get it to the boat and we had four outher drive-bys. All trolling quick fish.
Switched to bobbers and fed the little critters for a while but nothing :shrug: doing. Went home and put thing away or anouther day
I'd post a pic but I'm still to stupid
:blush: :shrug: to figure this darn thing out. I know I've asked before, but will someone in Salem please come to my house and teach me? Will have beer :cheers: handy!
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