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Well last night I called my daughter, My fishen buddy as her birthady is the 29th and was wondering if she wanted to get together and spend a weekend in Astoria, and fish boye 10 liked we did on her 11 birthday.
I was going to surpriser her with a new fishen rod and reel, and a great weekend just Dad & daughter.
Now I have the rod and reel, and the time off.
She said to me, DAD you are going to be a grandpaw, I droped the phone, all most cried, not at being upset, but with joy.
She went on to say that the Dr, dos'ent want her out on boats, banks, ect, DOG GONE IT, I was looken foeward to this.
"O"well I gess I well have another fishen buddy in 15 years.
Congrats to fisherlady76, and I going to a grandpaw for the 3rd time.

Now if anyone is looken for some one to go out in the big blue, or for that any river in Oregon drop me a line.
Now go catch a fish--------------------------------------**--** fish on. River-Rat
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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