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necanicum river near seaside

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anyone ever fish this river i was there last year and had no sucsess whal others did i was using a jig and bobber fishing near a campground rv park i cant rememebr the name was i not fishing a good spot is there any other PUBLIC spots that have good water is there a better teqnique for that river?

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Park at either of the bridges on hwy 26 and you can hike up and down stream a ways.Bobber and jig is tough to beat on that river IMO.

Its pretty decent at the sitka spruce. Fish on both sides of bridge
The river is mostly private but there are some property owners that will give permission if asked. It was very busy today at my place and I asked five anglers to leave because they were leaving garbage. Asked another three to leave because of attitude when I asked them not to park in a certain area and told them they really should ask first.

Let several people fish that have the proper method of asking property owners.

The river is a great bobber and jig, drift and back trolling river. We saw three come out of the hole behind the house today. Tomorrow it is the kids day. Kids only from the property.

We also have shuttles available for toons and drifters with a PM or night before call.

tight Lines

Take a Kid Fishing Today.
Yeah its a bobber and jig spot more on the east side of the bridge though.
Are we talkin nooks or steelies. Last year I saw plenty of nooks taken on jigs. How deep are some of the runs? I hear talk of this creek but dont know to much about where to go and where to get public access. As you drive down HWY 101 I see a few places to fish between Seaside and the Cannon Beach cut off. How far up can you go and still find good drifts and public access?

Thanks for any info
Fishhead :grin:
Tightlines, in my way of thinking your policy of property usage is ideal. Allow access, demand that YOUR rules are followed, those that obey are allowed, those that don't or won't are told to take a hike. I'm sure it's more work to enforce your rules than just to have a blanket policy of no access. Thank you!

Fishing should be a low impact activity to the property owner, property and environment. In way too many case just the opposite happens.

Thanks again.

Very good Stinkbait. You would think it's a no brainer. But there are just too many people with no brains running around nowa days.
how is the river to drift. Are there any log obstructuions. Haven't drifted it since the last flood. Now I guess we can't take out at the sand and gravel but need to go on down almost to seaside
From what I understand you can buy a permit for around $35 for access at Johnson's Rock. Also if you are looking for a few good holes to fish you can buy a permit for I think $22 from the Forest Lake RV Park. Good for one year. I drifted it last year in a friend's boat. Not too bad. Once you get past the Relief Pitcher there is a few logs. There is no point in going past there anyhow.

Don't worry about not doing good last year... That was the norm besides a select few. Tight Lines is a good one to get advice from in this area... Do whatever he says.
Do not overlook the lower river below the relief pitch. yes some log issues but when water is lower worth the drift IMO.

Saw a few fish today rolling and a few moving. Had one take a jig. Talked with several boats well 3 and one per boat was the average.

Still a few days away and based upon all other runs this year it might be alittle longer.

Shuttles can be arranged with prior communication.

Val Perry
Holy cow, I thought I was the only stink bait. :yay:
how is the river to drift flatocean? That depends as several posts in archives will state.People will recommend to bring a chainsaw if the river was high or flooded. I say always bring a chainsaw The river can be tricky . There are lots of trees that are leaning into the river and you never know when they are going to drop. I got stuck a few years back with a large sweeper across the river. I had drifted the day before and it wasnt there.
Finally saw a few fish moving yesterday and was pleased with the number. We hooked one and saw a few others who had hooked a fish or two. It is not hot yet but it is starting.

the water is cold and clearing so make sure you have all your cold water tricks in you bag.

Tight Lines

Val Perry
please keep me posted tight lines
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