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Sorry the report is so late, but I just received it myself.

~North Santiam creel encountered 235 anglers. There were 2 summer steelhead caught and kept, 53 spring chinook caught and kept, and 8 chinook released.

~South Santiam creel encountered 309 anglers. There were 28 summer steelhead caught and kept, 1 summer steelhead released, 28 spring chinook were kept, and 15 chinook were released. There were 3 rainbow with mark unknown, 2 cutthroat, 6 trout species unknown, and 4 smolt released.

~Foster Lake creel encountered 74 anglers. There was 126 rainbows kept, 5 rainbows released, 5 smallmouth bass released, and 1 smallmouth bass kept. Most of the fishing pressure has been boats. There was an unscheduled stocking of 5000 trout on July 1. Foster's water level is down about a foot.

~Green Peter-No angler reports this week. The water is really low. Linn County Deputy said he was up there on Thurs. and it had dropped another 10 feet from the previous week. He said that the water is to the bottom of the second Thistle Creek boat ramp (winter level). He said if it drops anymore, it will be hard to launch a boat.

~McKenzie River creel encountered 146 anglers. There were 2 summer steelhead caught and kept, 3 summer steelhead released, 12 spring chinook caught and kept, and 5 chinook released. In addition, there were 12 hatchery rainbows kept, and 50 hatchery trout released. Stomach contents of 559 hatchery trout recovered from releases in the McKenzie River have been examined this season. Most trout had ingested only aquatic insects, however, 9 chinook fry and 6 unidentified salmonids have been found.

~Middle Fork Willamette creel encountered 321 anglers. There were 24 summer steelhead caught and kept, 4 steelhead released, 4 spring chinook kept, 4 chinook released, and 31 cutthroat caught.

~Adult traps on the North Santiam (Stayton Island) captured 132 marked summer steelhead, 4 unmarked summer steelhead, 326 marked spring chinook, and 16 unmarked spring chinook in the traps. To date, there have been 1543 marked summer steelhead, 30 unmarked summers, 680 winter steelhead, 5060 marked spring chinook, and 555 unmarked chinook caught in the traps.

~The bypass screw trap at Leaburg Dam has been taken out for the season. To date, there have been 76 adult summers, 513 unmarked steelhead smolt, 24717 unmarked chinook smolt, 81 rainbows, 21 cutthroat, and 63 lamprey captured in the trap.

~The Foster Dam trap (South Santiam) captured 314 summer steelhead and 560 spring chinook. There were 35 summer steelhead and 412 chinook recycled downstream (to Pleasant Valley Bridge or Waterloo Park). To date, there have been 858 winter steelhead, 3443 summer steelhead, and 3590 chinook captured in the trap.

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