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My Sunday Jinx Is Gone! (Pics)

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Had the pleasure of fishing with my beautiful wife and a couple of good friends yesterday in the Astoria area. I did not expect to much because I have a long time Sunday fishing jinx. Stuff happens to me on Sunday's, you know... forget to put the plug in, or how about swamping the boat, or loosing a rod overboard, you know fun stuff...

Well I am glad to say that stinkola is off and how!

We got out on the water at the crack of 8:30 because I had to drop the kids at Grandma's in Seaside for a day of fun and my mom did not want to get up at 5AM... whats with that? Anyhow...

We drop the first rod into the water and start the troll... before we could get the second in Mr. Chinook comes a callin!

After a nice battle we start getting the rods back in the water again and my wifes takes a dip with her first Coho ever... hey I have not even got my bait wet yet!

OK as we are landing this one my buddies rod goes off again and you guessed it another nook... this one lived to fight another day!

The big fish of the day award goes to my buddies wife Maria with this 34lb nook. It is horrible picture but you can get a better idea in the group pic!

Here are some more for you to enjoy!

A great day of fishing! We must have caught 20+ fish, with all the native Coho's its hard to keep count! All fish caught on cut-plug and divers we used two rods with flashers and two without.
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Congats on the great day on the water. We didn't do as good as you, but still had a good day on the water. Got the wife her first ever salmon. You were the first ifisher I've talked to on the water. (even though it was short)
5 Cents, Thank you.

Great pictures, great day. And the Grandmother thing? She's smarter now. She did all the getting up early when you (or wife) got up early and she had to. :wink:
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great pictures and what a nice day it was.
Hey SR my mom is still paying me back by feeding my kids 10lbs of candy everytime they stay with her :shocked: :shocked: :grin:

Hey Rimshot you should of said hi! You know llabwolg, you and I could have trolled in formation forming the ever popular wall of death! :cool:
Hey Shizzle,

That first pic is a winner, "Bling,Bling" :cheers: How's those sweatshirts coming along?

sweet looking fish pictures
5-Cents, great pics and you seem to be having all the luck. Slept in, kids to Grannys, no boat launch lines at 0 dark thirty, great company and fish to boot. Looks like I should start fishing inside and forget about getting up early.

Next time, let me bring my boat into that formation. It would be nice to be in an area where nets are flying.

*Fish only bite wet hooks*
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Holy footballs!! :shocked:
Great pictures, :dance: :cheers: are you puting orange food coloring in you herring brine :wink: :grin:
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