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It would appear that a story is required. :rolleyes:

I have fished for most of my life, but can't say that I have been particularly successful. I have tried to interest my kids in fishing and for the most part I have been successful there. Three years ago I decided to buy a boat and kick it up a notch. After looking at a number of used boats, I settled on an 18ft Custom Weld Viper. Every opportunity I could muster (this equates to from 8-10 trips a year) I would get the boat in water chasing something.

I have been most successful battling the tasty dungeness. I have been least successful chasing salmon, in fact prior to April 30 of this year I had not landed a salmon (nor has anyone else for that matter) from my boat. :mad: Now during that time I did catch numerous salmon on other peoples boats and have caught plenty in the past. I was starting to wonder what was wrong with the boat. :shrug: Well anyway after the 15lb'er I nailed last month, I have been more into fishing than in many previous years. Just like many things in life it's all about putting your time in.

I love this group and all the fishie information that you share. Particularly from the guides and others that know some of this stuff cold. Taking the time to share is well appreciated.

Thanks for making room for one more newbie.


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Yes! A story is required, but it must start with, "Once upon a time" and you must also tell it right before bedtime. :smile: :smile: :smile:


Kidding on all counts. :smile:

Welcome to ifish! I think that some kind of introduction is good, because otherwise people tend to read, and not get involved by writing. You know, the evil lurkers!!! (Kidding again!)

We need everyone's input to make this thing work, and telling us a little about you helps open things up a bit.

Thanks for taking the plunge!

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