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My archery deer season is over!!

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Well tonight I ended my archery season. Have been hunting a tree farm outside of oregon city. I was hoping I would get lucky enough to have a big buck walk out, but when a yearling presented itself I took it. Hard to hold out for big bucks when deer are damaging someones crops and they are nice enough to let you come out and hunt it. This was just my second archery kill, and both are off of this property. So far it's been a great season as I have filled both deer tags, and got my dall sheep up in alaska. May have to find a place to elk hunt this weekend to see if I can keep it going.
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Congrats, any photo's
Remember, any kill is a trophy regardless of size.
I have the same deal, minus the damage deal. 2 bucks 2 years, same private property. I got a tiny spike last year and it was delicious!! I'm sure your yearling will be even better :cheers:. It's all about the hunt, not the kill.
No pictures of this one. I had all my stuff in the truck so I could just bail after work. Forgot the camera of course. The best part was the quick kill. Feels good when you know your arrows are flying true and your broadheads do their thing.
some people drive 6hrs and just get a yearling.
To get one in your back yard is a big bonus!
Way to go!
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