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Snow roof, silver seal, kool seal my experience is they all work to a reasonable degree. The real key to these metal roof resealings is the prep. Any old sealer that is loose needs to be removed and the area to be sealed should be scrubbed with a mixture of white vinigar and water or tsp and water to clean any film or oils to make sure the new sealer can stick.

Most of these sealers can be applied direct from the can, you should typically stir the can before attempting to apply. An old 3" or 4" paint brush, (you don't like for painting) works pretty good, wear disposible gloves and old clothes you will get it on you for sure.

Be careful walking on the roof try to avoid standing in between the trusses and avoid standing directly on any seams.

If you have larges cracks in the old sealer but it seems to be stuck pretty good, use some fiberglass dry wall tape in that area and imbed the tape in the sealer (to bridge the gap) or it will typically crack right thru the new sealer in the same spot.

The J rail on the edge typically has a whole series of hex head screws and should also be cleaned and recoated for sure.

Good luck
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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