Rifle has less than 30 shots through it. Comes with BiPod (full multi directional adjustment, bipod mount, extensions), Rear support system, tactical rings/bases, 11 boxes MOA factory hand loads 140 VLD, Swarovski Z5 5-25 scope with full turret adjustment.

Swarovski ATS 25-60 spotting scope with balance rail, Swarvski Stay on soft case, Pelican storm case fitted to scope, Manfrotto 190 tripod, Vanguard table top tripod, Swarovski window mount, Photo adapter system, cleaning kit and more stuff.

Kifaru pack is out of production, but is essentially a 2 part side to side bag on a frame. Bags fold into each other over stored rifle or packed animal. Each bag has exterior full lenght zipper and interior spotting scopr or tripod pouch.

This is a younger man's set up. I'm at the age when gentlemen's sports are more fun (bird hunting and fishing) so I am making the change. Purchased all of this in early 2018 for over $13,500. Want to sell as a set as it goes well together and any one of the 3 componants is worthless to me without the other 2. I intended this to be an up to 500 yard set up (my self imposed rule) and the turrett is set as such. It is, however, totally adjustable to the extent the new owner wants. Gun is fully capable of being super accurate to at least 1,000 yards. Same for the scope, but setting that distance up may be a bit tricky, I don't know...

Sell for $8,850 as a set.