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Well meaning crew .. they want to help. Especially when they see how hard you are working as the guy in charge.

There are things I let my crew do and there are things that no matter how tired or hurried I am that I always do. Pre launch check is one of those things. But I encourage my guys to ask about the plug. On my boat rushing back on to the trailer is not very easy. SO I cannot afford to ever forget the plug.

Glad you made it back. Several times now we have lost boats at the ranch due to this problem. They run out on plane and begin sinking when they stop to fish. This has happened to at least 10 people since I started fishing central coast.

About the ramp. Yeah there is pressure. But no one is more important than anyone else. If someone thinks they are so important that they don't have to wait then I won't let them swerve me from my routine.

I have even said to some extremely self important individuals ///

"Man ... I had no idea you were so important .. you better go first so you won't miss out on anything."

I did this one day on return and trailering and the guy left his bow line drag and then ran it over as he drove up the ramp. There was a loud cracking sound and it broke some fiberglass on the bow of his boat. I couldn't help myself ...

"sure glad I let you go first .. just so you could break your boat and I could laugh at your dumb <unprintable>."

The guy hopped in his truck and left without saying a word.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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