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Three and a half years ago a dear friend of mine, Milton Fischer passed away.
Click here for his online memorial.
At his celebration of life, they had tiny hemlock trees to give to his friends to plant.

Bill and I took two, and planted them out back.

One of them died. One of them grew and is now almost three feet tall! It was just a little straggly baby when we got it. I just love it, and it will be decorated for Christmas this year!!!

Does anyone else have one of those trees?

I just think it's a grand idea, and every time I see that little tree, I think of Milton.


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When my grandma died she wanted each grandchild to get a minature rose plant. I knew mine would never make it with me in charge of it. I gave it to a neighbor that was "into" his rose's. We moved 4 years ago and the neighbor moved shortly after we did. The old west side neighborhood is pretty much a trashy ghetto now, but when I drive by that miniture rose plant is the bright spot of the street. :smile:
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