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Fished the Miami the 8th, 9th, and 10th. THE FISHING IS GOOD IF YOU REFRAIN FROM SNAGGING!!!

Observations from the Miami:

--My partner and I were catching 10-15 bright chums each per day until snaggers showed up in the holes we were fishing. We were doing well with hot pink (cerise) jigs under floats in deeper slots and pockets. If you stay off the spawners in the tailouts you will get into bright (some still had sea lice) aggressive chums.

--Snagging absolutely puts the bite off. On the last day we could see well over 100 chums (and several chinook) in a hole we'd fished the two previous days with good success. The snaggers were sticking a fish with every other cast, occasionally (to their own surprise) getting one "in the head". We couldn't buy a jig bite there. We moved downstream to unmolested fish and immediately started catching fish on jigs.

--In general, there seem to be more chums in the Miami than I've seen in the past few years, but they are mostly smaller (8-10#) fish.

--It was raining when I left Monday night. A fresh shot of water should make the fishing take off even more. Take some hot pink jigs and some floats and fish water where you can't see bottom on the Miami. You'll catch fish.
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