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Mercury or Yamaha main motor

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Ok dogs it’s time to get a new main motor for my 20’ raider. Currently has a 90 horse 2 stroke mercury on it. She pushes it just fine but is cold blooded as hell. And wanting to get away from 2 stroke oil. I have a 2020 4 stroke 25 horse Yamaha I’m putting on for a kicker”runs flawless”. Looking at a 115 since neither mercury or Yamaha sells a 135 that my boat is rated for. Both brands go from 115 to 150 with nothing in between. So in your opinion what is the best salt water motor. I fish salt 80 percent of the time. Thanks for your input. Good or bad
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Not to get too far off topic. Does anyone here know how a boat builder comes up with the hp rating? Is it based on buoyancy of a hull versus weight of the average weight of outboard in that hp? Is it based on the torque and stress generated by the hp force on transom or bracket? Is it calculated by the boat manufacturer, Coast Guard, or a third party testing or certification lab or organization.
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