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Mercury or Yamaha main motor

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Ok dogs it’s time to get a new main motor for my 20’ raider. Currently has a 90 horse 2 stroke mercury on it. She pushes it just fine but is cold blooded as hell. And wanting to get away from 2 stroke oil. I have a 2020 4 stroke 25 horse Yamaha I’m putting on for a kicker”runs flawless”. Looking at a 115 since neither mercury or Yamaha sells a 135 that my boat is rated for. Both brands go from 115 to 150 with nothing in between. So in your opinion what is the best salt water motor. I fish salt 80 percent of the time. Thanks for your input. Good or bad
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It's too bad that we can't test drive each motor before purchasing. Since I get the opportunity to ride in a relatively wide variety of vessels, there is one difference I really notice from motor to motor: noise at cruising speed. The 4 cylinder Yamaha engines are obnoxiously loud in my opinion: makes it very difficult to have a conversation at cruising speed. I know the Yamahas are popular, but I cringe when I see Yamaha's on a tender, knowing it's going to be an unpleasant, loud ride out to the ship I'm servicing. So to me, a quiet motor is king: Honda takes first place in this category, Mercury also very good. When you have a long trip back to port, a quiet motor that allows you to have a conversation at normal volume levels makes the trip a pleasure.
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My God man, we got your point on the first post. And the second. And the third. How many now? 6,7?

I guess you must think people here are stupid so you need to scream the same thing over and over. Give it a rest. We get it. You don't like Honda. Everybody other than you is wrong. Your knowledge is vastly superior to others.
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