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My very good friend Mel Woody passed away on Jan 4th. I didn't have the words until know to post his passing. He was a great fisherman, mentor, he taught me so much and made me want to be a better man . Mel loved the I-fish site all of it and had been a member for a very long time. He loved to go fishing & shooting, but his family always came first. He had a boat shop in Molalla C&M Boat repair and if you had a chance to met him you were better for it. I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss him. The thought of not being able to call him and just shoot the breeze has hurt me to the core and now feel pretty much alone on having no one to fish with or having a mentor to get advice from. My heart goes out to his wife Connie and to his whole family since his passing was so unexpected.

I'll miss you my friend
AKA Larry
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