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Hi Everyone, May 8 2020

WOW what has happened ?...Its crazy. Hope all is safe and well.

We made it thru this past winter with the worst flu we ever had. But we made it!:thisbig:

Now summer is here and things are starting to open up.

Of course it depends on what boat launch you're at......LOL:meme:

We are able to get sand shrimp under our commercial fishing license.

We are curing up salmon eggs this week. So if there's anything we can do to help you out, please let us know. [email protected]

We have a drive-up window to help folks out in a safe way. HONK twice..~~

Or we can mail you a box direct to your home.:applause:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.:flowered:

marie at Tillamook Bait Company.
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