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May 3, 2012

You know why I didn't post a 'May Day' post? Because
it's raining! I'm so so tired of the rain!
But, look around us! Can you believe how lush it is? I guess rain
is .... alright. :) If I look out my back deck, the neighboring
trees are in an array of beautiful spring colors! Pink! White!
Purple! It's really quite breath taking!
But--- rain, rain, rain makes the rivers rise and that's just
no good! It's way too high!
I sometimes catch my neighbor Scott the fishing guide, by his
boat, next door. We visited briefly last night across the fence,
and he was moaning about the high water. No one is happy about
it. :(
I can fish with this big contraption on my foot, but not if the
rivers are so high! That is, unless I'm at the coast!
My biggest most scary fear, is that Bill goes on the first shake
down run of the year without me. I have nightmares about that!
I do!
I used to have "bobber down" dreams that would wake
me from my sleep. Those were good dreams, but now I have "missed
the boat" nightmares!
Bill! Wait! I'm coming to fish! I am!
I was supposed to be there this week, but doctors appointments
would have it no other way than for me to be here, in Oregon City!
Soon I will be back in Tillamook! I promise, Bill! I promise!
I will be there, as soon as the sun shines!
In the meantime, I'm enjoying the colors of spring. I have late
blooming rhodies, due to puppy damage. They are trying to live,
despite a wild puppy who tears complete branches off of them and
runs wildly around the yard. Naughty dog!
Oh! Get this! I took Willie to the vet, because he was limping
a bit. On an after thought, and after much frustration over diet
choices, I decided also to take along a stool sample. He's been
a bit loose, and also, picky about his food choices.
Also, he's been just wild! Puppies are just wild, so I thought
that part normal, but when I say wild, I mean chewing branches
off of Rhodies, and jumping up to tear down tree branches-wild!
So, anyhow, the vet took the sample, and soon I heard "did
you see that?" and nurses were gathering around the microscope.
The vet came in the waiting room and said, "Willie has salmon
poisoning." He said it as if it were totally normal. There
are no salmon on the river banks, right now. This is weird!
"What?" I exclaimed. "What did you say?"
See, Willie has had salmon poisoning, already. All dogs at the
river get it, and we treat it, and that's that.
The vet told me again, and said that Willie has more flukes in
his stool than he'd ever seen! He's not really ill, but that's
why he's been a bit loose. He is simply a host for a zillion flukes.
So, I had to buy some really expensive medicine to clear that
up, and since then? He's been a doll! An absolute doll! He sleeps
and rests and plays like a normal puppy would play.
Poor Willie also had an ear infection from dunking his entire
head in the water as he drinks, and they also found one round
So, Willie is now on the road to health. They never figured out
why he is limping, but we are going to get x rays soon.
But, for three solid days, now, he's been a dream of a puppy.
He's lovey and sweet and although he still races around the yard,
wagging his tail, he's not neurotic like he was! Yay, Willie!
Hey! I brought my freesias here to Oregon City and guess what?
They are already in bloom! They are beautiful and they smell heavenly!
I'm just thrilled. I left them to winter over, and they bloomed
early! Remember that at the coast, I used to wait till Fall for
a single bloom? Not here! I also have lemons and limes and all
kinds of things I'm not able to grow at the coast! The best of
both worlds! Can't wait to plant and produce real tomatoes!
So, Bill, I'm coming. Wait up for me! I'll be wearing my big black
boot on your boat's d

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May 8, 2012

Sometimes when I come to the river, even though
it is breath takingly beautiful, there is something just wrong.
I sit on the porch and peer through a small opening where the
border of the green foliage and trees part. Past those thousand
colors of greens...
The river is mostly shaded, there, except for where one strong
bolt of lightning-sun that strikes the tips of the rapids, creating
the whitest of whites. My eyes widen and tear. One large rock,
covered in bright green moss stands out. It, too, is lit up by
the sun. The surrounding calm shallows are glowing, and you can
see clear to the bottom where steelhead are lazing, Bucks, patiently
waiting for hens to dig their redds.
Pure Beauty.
But, something... something is just wrong.
I'm having troubles, living in two houses. It takes an effort
to adjust, each time. Sometimes it is a calm adjustment. Sometimes
a sadness, a confusion, and sometimes, a thunderstorm of conflict.
Rarely is it easy.
Once, when I lived in Cannon Beach, I wrote a poem about how I
didn't deserve the beauty that surrounded me, there. How I wasn't
ready for it. My life was too busy to appreciate it, to deserve
it. I had things to do, and that beauty like that should be reserved
for those who had time, for retirement, perhaps. It really bothered
me, that I couldn't stop to take it in.
That's how I felt, yesterday. I left Oregon City with too much
undone business.
I try to get caught up and enjoy it, to match Bill's 20 years
of life that he has on me. He deserves it. He has done his things,
and he doesn't work.
Even though my work is mostly on the computer, for some reason,
I just can't fully appreciate all that my eyes take in. I can't
stop thinking long enough to breathe slowly enough.
When I wrote music for a living, looking at things like this was
part of work, as it helped me to write.
I was watching a show last night that had a yoga class on it.
I need to get back into that. I need to take a yoga class so that
even when I'm not feeling caught up, or ready, I can more fully
appreciate the beauty around me. I need to learn to breathe.
There is so much good "chi" here, on the river. My body
needs it. Why can't I appreciate? Enjoy? Relax? Dangit!
When I can appreciate it, it feels so good! Is that because I'm
otherwise caught up? Or, is it because I don't feel good about
myself, that day? What?
That little window thru the trees that framed the sunlight on
the river, it was too beautiful! Too much, though! Too much!
I shook my head, stood up, and headed for the computer. But--
I was a terror! Look out! Don't talk to Jennie! She's got things
to do and people to see! She needs ugly traffic jams and horns
honking and city, city, city!
But, today? Today.... I'm going fishing, and I'm going to see
and appreciate and take in ALL that nature has to give me! I'm
all caught up!

ance floor, and we will catch those springers! You watch! And
I can bonk them with my boot!

May 13, 2012
Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day is right! Whoo hoooo!
Whether you are a Mom to a dog, a cat, a friend, a child of your own or a
child that otherwise needs you in their life, Happy day to you! Thanks to
you, and much appreciation for all that you do!
Take the day off! Enjoy the sunshine! Go to church! Go out to lunch! And then
sit in the sun, or work in the garden, or whatever makes you happy-happy!
Hug yourself, and know that you are appreciated!
Frankly, you'd think it was "Puppy Day" as Willie is expecting me
to be with him, every second. Yeah, I know. I feed into that! And.... if I'm
not there every second? By golly he is going to tear up the yard until he
gets my attention!
I had a great day, yesterday. I felt good for the first time in what felt
like ages, and man did I (over) do!
I went to Meldrum park for the first time, to see what it was all about. I
took Willie on the way home from the puppy park in celebration of getting
the corn planted, after I prepared the garden.
What a different style of fishing than I'm used to!
Frankly, I didn't like it a whole lot, but I guess for what it is, I can see
that it would be fun. City fishing is just different. The boats on the Willamette
were just thick out there! They trolled slowly while others were skiing and
jet boats were racing, and swerving in and out. It was kind of chaos, everywhere!
I think I fish for peace, and I couldn't find it at Meldrum.
I parked next to some 20 some things that were fishing off the bank. They
had a hiked up truck rig, backed up to the river bank. They had a bbq out,
and their truck was blaring loud music. Next to them was another couple, drinking
beer after beer and also fishing- and on and on down the line, they fished.
I asked the kids if they had caught anything.
"Nope, but yesterday almost everyone caught one!"
The old "Shoulda been here, yesterday..." I know that one well!
It kind of reminded me of the days I sturgeon fished off the Washington coast.
The only difference is that we didn't play music, drink beer, or park so close
We'd sit in the rocks and eat sandwiches and watch the waves come in.
Meldrum park is more of a party atmosphere, like when I was in high school.

It reminded me of when we used to all hang out at what we called the logging
bridge. It was on the Molalla river. Lots of revving engines and loud music.
People barefoot, and having fun. Kind of a "Saturday at the park"
I'm too old for Meldrum, I think! I felt a little out of place.
Still, I was glad to know what it was all about. There are serious fishermen,
there. I could feel the tension in some of them, as I walked by. I could sense
that they took their quest very seriously! They'd sit and stare at their rod
tips. "Any minute, now!" I remember that part, for sure! Fishing
is fishing, after all!
I think that perhaps the party mood was brought on by the intense sunshine,
and perhaps I'll try it again when it's raining and then, maybe I'd find more
of what I'm used to.
The only thing remaining that would bug me is the garbage that is all over
the place. People! Pick up after yourself and others! Take care of your river
bank! It's yours, after all! (Man, do I ever sound like a "Mother"!)
Today, I am going to get dressed and go to church at a little church around
the corner. Then, I'm going to try my hardest to do "nothing"! I'm
not much good at that, but I'm going to try! I'm just going to sit on the
chaise lounge in the sun!
Alright... I may plant something in my garden....
And take care of Ifish....
And bbq a roast...
And since it makes me happy to have a clean floor to feel under my bare feet,
I may sweep and mop...
And it sounds fun to go to Macy's sale.... and after that, I think I'll take
Willie for a walk, and feed the cat, and take out the garbage, and finish
paying my bills...
But, I promise! I'm going to lay in the sun!
After all, we are Mothers and that's what we do!
What is it we do? Too much!
Happy Mother's Day!
Oh! And all you single parents out there? Remember that you get to have kudos
on BOTH Mother's and Father's Day! So, have fun! It's one of the bennies!
(There are a few!)

May 16, 2012

Oh! How I love me some sunshine!
I've been feeling actually good lately! Is it the sun? I think so!
I have planted much of my garden, and that makes me feel so good, too!
I was a little hesitant to finish planting the corn. I'll never forget that my Grandfather passed away, shortly after coming into the farm house and exclaiming to Grandma, "Just got the corn in." He sat down in his chair and expired.
My Grandfather lived a wonderful and long life. I loved him so much!
You know, it's a lovely way to go, if we have to go... but still. I always hesitate, when I "get the corn in". I never plant it last!
I bought two raspberry plants to supplement the suckers that I took from Tillamook. I planted two blueberry plants that I bought at a really good price at the Grocery Outlet store.
I put in the cucumbers and the tomatoes from Costco. I'm having so much fun!
I also just must have what Andrew always calls "Grandma grass." My parents took such good care of their lawn, and I promise to do the same!
This is a real challenge, however, with "Willie the auto thatcher" around. He races around the lawn, digging in, with his claws. Huge pieces of grass come up, when he skids to a stop, or takes off at a start! So, I bought some grass seed to cover up his auto thatching, and scattered fresh dirt over the top. My lawn looks a bit like dot to dot Seurat, but it will all fill in. That is, if I can get Willie to the coast, or otherwise slowed down!
I got invited to go evening fishing tomorrow night on the Willamette tomorrow night and I'm so excited! Last time, I was invited, however, I got so excited that my lung collapsed. Lord help me, I've got to be calm!
Anyhow, I'm back! I'm happy! I'm (Dare I say) healthy!
I finally feel good again! Whoo hoooo!
Honest to God, I didn't think it was going to happen --ever again! I was almost to give up. Was I on my way out? Am I getting old? (Never!)
Thing is, when I have these good times, I often overdo it to the point of feeling badly for a while, again. I'm trying so hard to not do that! Rest, Jennie, rest!
None of my lungs are going to go pop!
I feel so good that I just have to scrub the walls outside, and plant the garden, and get things done, while I can!
It's that old ying yang thing. Everything in balance. I'm trying! If I get things done at a moderate pace, I should be OK. Right?
But, tomorrow night, I don't care. I'm going to fish as hard as I can! Consequences be darned!

May 20, 2012

Get a load of that IFISH
I'm so proud of it! I can't get over how awesome it looks! And,
what great articles! It's like... real! A real magazine! Wow!
I've been fishing of all things! Yes! Me! Fishing!
I'm getting ready to go again, this morning!
I went out on the Willamette the other evening with Scott Nichols.
It was so fun to go down to the dock and see people I knew!
Oregon City truly is a home away from home! I walked down to the
dock, feeling a little bit lost. Where was I? Where was I supposed
to park? I hadn't been down here since my Dad used to take me
But, at the landing, there stood David Johnson and Lee Darby!
"Hey, you guys!" Never had I been more glad to see "locals!"
Then, a boat pulled up, which I thought was Scott, for sure. (You
know my eyesight...) I laughed, when I realized it wasn't Scott
at all, but someone else and his Dad!
"Oops!" I said. "I almost got in your boat!"
The guy said, "You are Jennie, right? That's OK! You can
go with us!"
He was from ifish! Yay! More non-strangers!
Finally, Scott buzzed around with his Alumaweld, and a friend
of his, was also waiting to go with us, on the dock. I met him,
and we had a great time, talking.
Scott took us to all his best holes, including up the Clackamas.
That was so fun! We went really fast and saw eagles and buzzards
and all kinds of things!
No fish that evening, but who cares? The boat ride, the company
and the fishing was a blast!
I couldn't ask for a nicer neighbor!
I'm in Tillamook, and yesterday, Bill was telling me that the
place was a little lacking in color. (hint hint) He was reminding
me that he missed my flower boxes. So, now I'm flowering two homes,
huh? Yep! We went flower shopping and I made hanging baskets and
boxes for him. Well, for us, I guess. It just hadn't occurred
to me that I was going to have to do two homes of flowers!
Today, we are headed out on Tillamook Bay. It's drizzling out
and perfect for fishing. I'm typing as fast as I can, in fear
of hearing Bill's motor rev to tell me that I'm late, late, late!
Off I go! I will report, later!

May 21, 2012

Can you believe that after all of this time, Willie
has never been to the ocean beach? The river is fine for running
and frolicking, but the beach? We must go! Today is the day!
It's raining and nasty out, but we can still go to the beach!
It isn't very windy, so it will be fine. Nothing like a rainy
walk on the beach. Oh, we will be sandy and wet, when we are done!
Yesterday we didn't fish. We got to the launch, talked to a couple
people who were taking out already. They said "no fish- and
windy and cold" so, we looked at one another and just went
Bummer. Yes. We are getting to be fair weather fishers! Never
woulda thought! There was a day when rain meant nothing to us.
I mean, how could it? If you are an Oregon fisher, rain is a fact
of life. That's why the hundreds of dollars in rain gear!
It seems so weird. It keeps hitting me. Yesterday evening I walked
down to the river and thought of a day when every single evening
I fished. That was my schedule. I ate dinner, and then went out
to fish. Rain, sun, tired, what ever... I just went! It was habit.
But, as I age, I seem to be colder and more tired. I "get"
the snowbird thinking of going South. I get it! I used to make
sport of it, but now? I get it! I do!
Never ever thought I'd be a "raisin" as my girlfriend
and I used to call older folks, but a raisin I am!
Today, we are going to face the rain and go to the beach to run!
I will be a raisin by the time I'm done, if I'm not, already!
I don't think Bill and I will be fishing until the skies clear.
It's a soaker, today. Just pouring down rain. Bill is sleeping
in, this morning, so I'm on dog duty.
Willie has been such a good dog, lately. He's much more settled,
and much nicer to be around since I medicated him for both salmon
flukes and an ear infection. Poor dog. He just didn't feel well,
and thus, I think, the wilders.
However, this morning, he's certainly got the wilders. He's been
out to chase the flashlight twice, already, and still has steam
to go. I'll take care of that, by taking him to the beach!

May 21, 2012 later...

When I could barely open the car door against the wind, I should
have known better. I was going for a walk on the beach with Willie. Sheesh,
it was stormy!
I struggled to put on my full length rain coat in the car. Thought that would
take care of things. I'd be fine, as long as I had a full length rain coat.
It was so stormy at the beach that I could barely stand up against it! No
wind at all at home, but at the beach it was a different story!
I made it out to the beach OK. The wind was at my back. Making it back? I
kid you not. With a previously collapsed lung, I almost ended up calling for
help! I would make it barely 10 feet, and have to rest. Thing is, I couldn't
stand up straight to rest! I literally was panicking! How far is the car?
I'd force my head up to see. Too far! Too far!
I bet those winds were 50 miles per hour and up. (Just read that they were
around 40 knots. How much is that?) I don't know, but Willie had fun!
I was soaked to the bone after 10 minutes, though! I finally made it to the
car! Next time, I think we'll stick it out at home!

May 27, 2012

Back in Oregon City... I'm sure having fun designing my yard!
It's like an outdoor living room, and I love it!
Bill arrived yesterday to pick me up for a wedding, and he was impressed!
Thing is, I worked in his yard last time for a full day. Don't you think he
owes me the same? Oh, the things I could do with a man around here! I'm talking
drills and hammers and strong backs, of course!
But instead, of course, he was wearing white pants, and white shoes, and there
was no way that I could put him to dirt!
Instead, he was my guest, and I showed him around. The garden, and what was
planted. He was impressed by my new garden fence that I constructed out of
3 foot tall, 4 inch mesh wire and stakes, to keep Willie out, my "2 for
$5" garage sale patio chairs, my Craigslist cast iron patio dining set,
my new daphne that I planted, and all that makes me proud. (I am proud of
my yard! I am!
I have learned to mow the lawn in patterns like they do baseball fields. I
want to rig my (new) lawn mower with some sort of rubber mat that will further
bend the grass to make the pattern a deeper shade. I'm having more fun!
When something is broken, I take great delight in looking on youtube for how
to fix things. I get so excited when I'm successful! Owning a home is a whole
new thing! Expensive, though, for sure! It seems that every day something
new is broken, and every other day I can fix something. I'm losing the battle,
fast! Now, I get it when Bill used to stop me at "Hey, Bill? Something
is wrong with the..." He'd stop me and say, "No! Nothing new is
broken! No!" I get it, now! I do!
Sometimes I wonder if I'm broken, too.
What I mean by that, is that Bill invited me to fish with Pete, today, and
I turned them down. They were going out to the jetty in Tillamook, and that
is where the fish are biting. I must be broken! Why would I not go?
Because I'd rather fix broken things? I guess so! I looked at today, Sunday,
as a day to go to church, and then putter around the house! I have nothing
on my plate, for today. That sounded so good to me!
So, Bill and Pete are out bouncing around in the jaws, and I am puttering
and enjoying every single moment of it! I'm still in my robe, and I have a
cup of hot coffee. Life is so good! It's cloudy and cool out, and I can sit
by my raised garden in a new patio chair with a fluffy cushion and admire
what I have created. It's mine! My house! Can you imagine that I own this
piece of property? By golly, it's mine!
I had three wishes in my life.
You know how some people dream of playing the piano? They wish they would
have stuck out lessons, and/or had the opportunity to take lessons? Or, they
tried, and they practiced, but were never good at it?
Piano came easy to me. It just happened that I could play easily. I didn't
have to want it. It just was. I am thankful for that, but at the same time,
what I did want was to be married for 50 years, and to be a good parent.
I had the opportunity. I could have taken lessons, had I wanted to. (I did
go to therapy about it, does that count? :) ) But, so it happened, like people
who can't play the piano, I can't be a good parent, nor can I be married for
50 years.
The other wish was for good health, and well... you know that story!
I realized I wasn't a good parent, just since I adopted my new pup, Willie.
I just spoil him rotten!
Imagine when Bill wanted me to go fishing with him, last week, and we were
discussing what to do with the dogs. We were afraid to leave a 10 month old,
chewing puppy in the house for that long, so Bill said, "Let's leave
him in the outdoor kennel". It's a fine kennel! It's large and roomy
and has adequate shelter. But, I couldn't do it! Willie had never been in
a kennel, I argued. We'd have to try it for short intervals, first, I pleaded.
So, Bill put them in the kennel, while I hid, out back. He drove to town.
I sat quietly and listened to Willie whimper, then cry, then begin to really
hyperventilate! Help! I can't stand this! I sat on the edge of my seat and
counted the seconds, going by. Would he stop? No! He kept it up until he could
barely breathe! And it hurt me WAY more than it hurt him! After about 10 minutes,
I finally gave in, and headed for the kennel. I once viewed a television show,
where they showed dogs impounded in the kennel, and they were jumping straight
up and down at the wire wall. They explained how they almost went crazy, doing
that, and how cruel it was. Of course, that's what my mind told me. I was
being cruel! Yes, indeed! Let the poor dog out!
I spoile Willie.
And so I do, I think, with my kids. I just can't say no very easily,
nor can I insist on something "yes" that is difficult to do, but
they need to do.
I think, had I been married for 50 years and had a male backup, things would
have been so much better. But, (and probably why I'm not still married!) I
have trouble setting boundaries, and since I didn't have the male half to
back me up, or encourage me to discipline, I just gave in, and spoiled too
I keep hearing in my head, something I heard on the radio. The entire goal
of raising children is to prepare them to be happily independent.
If that's the case, hoh boy...
Let it be known that my children, who are 23 and 24, are still living with
me at home. I guess this is happening more and more these days, but still,
I'm very hard on myself, and I blame myself for this fact. I am the queen
of guilt, I am!
To heck with the darned piano! I want to be a better parent and I'm practicing
hours, daily! I sure hope it's not too late! The metronome is ticking!
Sometimes I try to soothe my conscience by repeating the chorus I hear from
so many people. "But, they are such nice kids!", or "They have
such great senses of humor!" and they are! And they do! They make me
laugh, daily! They are such darn nice kids! They really take good care of
Mom. They cook me dinners, and they bring me things when my health is poor,
or I don't feel well. I have to admit, it's darned nice having them at home,
most of the time. I am sick, quite a lot, and they are extremely helpful.
But-- it is not fair to them!
I say to them all too often, (they'd agree!) "You are missing out on
your life! This is not fair to you! Get out there! Meet people! Get a good
job! They should have families of their own, and come help Mom a couple times
a month on Saturdays! :)
I can argue back and forth till I'm blue in the face. And, I do! Times
are changing. Jobs are hard to find. (But, I always found a job! Why
can't they? If you can't find one, make one! Argh!)
Even college graduates are having trouble finding jobs, and are living at
home. Yes! But, you are special! You are different! Go back to college
and finish what you started!
Or, how bout, -the only thing that really matters is that they find a
place in heaven. I have no rebuttle for that one. I believe, with all
my heart, that this is the truth.
But, you can see how this works, can't you?
Not wanting to go fishing is alright. Bill and I do wonder, sometimes, how
come we aren't as excited to go fishing, as we once were. Not wanting to fish
one day, though, is alright. There are much bigger fish to fry, when you want
to pick yourself to pieces. Don't you think? It's not as serious as not feeling
good about your parenting skills, or failing at marriage. It just is what
it is. Wanting to garden is alright. Wanting to putter around the house is
OK, too.
I forgive myself for what I'm not. Because darnit... I can play a mean piano!

And besides, who on earth could put this in a kennel?

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May 30, 2012

Ya woulda had to 'a been there...
Back in the day when Joni Harms and I would sit by the old garbage can in
Canby, out on her farm.
It was what is known as a burn barrel now days, but they used it for garbage
back then. They would collect their garbage till it was time to go to the
Joni and I would sit around that barrel, and dig a hole in the ground. Then,
we'd dig thru the garbage and collect bits and squirts of whatever we could
find good in there. Good, by our standards, anyhow.
We'd find treasures like a bit of old beans in a can, and perhaps a squirt
of catsup.
"Joni!! Look what I found!" I'd share with her the excitement of
the find. A half full jar of face cream! "What should we do with this?"

"Add it in 'ner!" She'd tell me with her Canby drawl. I always did
whatever she said, so I scraped it out and stirred it in. My, it was looking
interesting! What magic brew was this going to be?!
We called it "Sammy's slop" and we could be busy doing this for
hours on end.
That's the kind of thing we kids did, before there was Nintendo.
One afternoon, we were very, very good girls! Or, so we thought...
There was a back lot to my home on 3rd street in Canby. We didn't own it,
yet. We later bought it, but at this time, it was still the neighbor ladies
property. On it, was a shed. I don't think we were even to be in the shed,
really. But, it was so boring, that rainy day!
Inside the shed were cans of half filled paints, old paint brushes, dried
beans and garden stuff and all kinds of goodies. There was an old, unpainted
wooden bench against the wall. UN painted.
"Shall we?"
"Do you think she'd like it?"
We looked at each other with wonder and excitement.
"Oh, look at this wonderful shade of pink!"
And, we did.
We painted that old bench for the nice lady next door. We also made up a small
batch of Sammy's slop out of pink paint and dried seeds. It was so awesome!
My Mother nearly fainted. So did the two of us, Joni and I, when we were found.
It was one of those shockers, too, because I really, honest to God, thought
our neighbor would like it. A lot!
You know that awful feeling of thinking you did a good thing, and finding
out not?
I also remember Joni looking at me in horror and saying, "I thought you
said she'd be happy!?!" I was in trouble with everyone!
I don't even remember what happened, or if the lady ever found out, or anything
about what came next. I do remember my Mom being pretty darned mad... or shocked...
or something.
Thank God for taking away memories of things gone wrong.
But, that's the kind of thing we did as kids. That was the after school stuff
that I experienced. Sammy's slop and bench painting 101.
Oh, there was more. That shed served as many things. A club house, later,
after we bought the back property. After that, an assembly line for making
our own fireworks. I'm not even going to tell you how we did that. In fact...
now that I think about it. I can't recall. (No memory! Thank God!)
I'll never forget going over to a friend's house and spending all afternoon
in a slough. I think it was my favorite experience, ever, as a kid. I love
water! Always have. Always will! And t
This slough was about the width of my arm span, now, and about as deep as
up to my waist, then. We took inner tubes, and ... (I wonder now, if it was
really just a ditch? A sewage ditch?! Oh, my!) We took inner tubes,
and followed the water as it wound through the woods. The waterway was thick
in greenery, covered in thickets. We had to clear our way. It was such an
excellent adventure! We were freezing cold and soaked! That water wound around
and around in the woods!
By the time we got back to the house, we were half starved and ate a whole
loaf of white bread and butter! What awesome days and what fun adventures
we had as kids!
That's what I thought of, when I was out walking Willie, today in the woods.
While we were out there, the branches of a tree moved in the wind and let
out a terrible screech. Willie jumped and barked, thinking it a wild animal,
or something. He ran! I played along and stayed there. I cried and moaned.
"Willllie! Help me! Help me!" He was long out of the woods, and
into the clearing of the meadow. He heard my pleas, and came to save me! "Good
Willie! Good dog! Saved the Mama! Good dog!"
He was so happy that he saved me.
I love games like that!
Back, safe in the meadow, I was singing the 1000th verse of Willie's wonder
songs. One in particular, to the tune of Flipper.
Remember Flipper? The TV show? The song? Yep. Willie has his own
version. It goes like this.

"Everyone loves the springer, oh me,
ever so fast and silly is he,
tricks he will do, when treats do appear,
people all stare when he is near!

"And he is Willie, Willie, Willie the springer!
He is so fine.
I'm glad that he's mine!
His name is Willie, Willie, Willie the Springer,
Oh, he does bring me,
Joy, divine!

These are the songs that I must sing, in order for Willie to
run circles and exercise. I kid you not. If I don't sing, he doesn't run.
It's putting quite a strain on my vocals. I haven't sung much in years, but
I'm now thinking of joining the church choir! I haven't been in a choir in
ages! I've always had to play piano. I want to sing, again! Fun!
Anyhow, the minute I start singing, he runs!
I have to do the rodeo thing, too! I announce, as he comes around the corner--
"Ladies and Gentlemen! Let me have your attention!
Here he comes, rounding the corner!
He's wild!
He's wonderful!
Heeeeeee's Willie!
"Round and round and round he goes!
Where he stops. No one knows!"

I run out of ideas for songs, sometimes. But, when I do, I just
sit around the garbage can and make up some of that Sammy's slop and think
for a while.
It's what I do, because even though I'm much like a kid, sometimes, I still
don't much like Nintendo.




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