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Flower Plant Purple Cloud Petal
Flower Plant Purple Cloud Petal
Grass Font Terrestrial plant Symmetry Event
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Dog Carnivore Liver Comfort Dog breed

May Day!
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May's Calendar pic! My babies!

Have you checked your porch, yet? Used to be, long ago when
I was a kid, that just maybe someone would knock on your door, run and
hide, and leave a bouquet or a paper basket filled with flowers!
Why don't we do that, anymore? I miss May Day!
Only way to bring it back is to do it!
We can create our own sunshine, since the real sun is hidden up there,
somewhere. It will warm folks, just the same, anyhow!
I hear, though, that in some parts of the world, the sunshine is healthy
and well.
A fresh wave of wind and rain just blew into my window. How nice it would
be, after a week of warm weather, but after a full winter of rain, not
so welcoming! Do you ever feel like running away to the sunshine? Sometimes
I wish I had a passport. Maybe I'll fill out the papers, today, just to
pretend. Actually, maybe not. The way I'm feeling right now, I just might
drive to the airport, use some of my free miles and just go!
Let's dream, shall we?
I think I'd go to Mexico! No! Maybe Jamaica! And maybe I wouldn't come
back! Maybe I'd get a one way ticket and just stay there? Ha! How fun
to dream!
Of course I couldn't, in reality, so I have to stop my mind from thinking
it all the way through. Know why? Cuz I have wonderful animals here that
would miss me! Kilchy! Rev! My chickens! They NEED me!
I really am getting tired of the clouds and rain. Thing is, thing that
really gets me, is that when I look at the forecast, there isn't even
any hope! For seven days coming, it's just rain, rain, rain! I would do
a lot better if they'd just lie, maybe, and give us some hope! Just pop
a happy sunshine symbol in there to ease our frustration.
I'd love to be able to go out in the sunshine and take some happy sunshine/flowers/garden
pictures! But, it's always raining! And there are no steelhead redds,
either! Give me some Spring, please!
I did have fun this morning putting up Stan's new column. The second part
of the series on good and bad fishing habits.
How are your fishing habits? Stuck in a rut, are you?
I guess I'll go out and fling a fly rod around this morning. That sounds
fun for a change! Bill and I are going springer fishing tomorrow, so I'm
a fly fishing bank maggot, today.
Think sunshine. Willya? That way I won't have to run away to Jamaica.
Hey! I just added "May" to my Jennie
page. Imagine that! Here I am complaining about sunshine when I didn't
even think I'd still be here on earth! Now, that'll teach me a lesson!
Wow! Look at all that life I've lived! Whoo hooo!

May 6th!

Sunshine right now! Wait! I must take a picture! It's this
odd bright yellow thing in the sky! Wow! Awesome!
OK. Business first, and very important business at that!
If you keep reading about all this Springer activity, and really don't
feel like you know enough to get out there, here's an opportunity you
won't want to miss. This is the most awesome teaching tournament you'll
It's called "Bounty on the Bay". If you go on a guided trip,
you'll learn more in one weekend, if you then you will in 10 fishing trips
on your own. I believe that, anyhow! Click
here for their website!

I've also posted the registration form and a thread, regarding
it, here
. I've asked for input on it from people who have been. Check
back and make up your mind about it! You won't regret going! Plus, it
is all for a GREAT cause! We need you!
Then... yesterday I visited the new G.I. Joes! It was so fun! BG was there,
and we visited for a while. I had trouble finding it! It's on NW 185th
and Union. So, it's not on the mall side of things that I am so used to
going to. (LOL) If heading to the coast, take a right on 185th. NOT a
I have to say, also, I look so forward to their banquet. The oysters are
to die for! Get there early!
Here I am admiring the bait in the fridge! Whoo hooo!

Product Sleeve Smile Wood Event

Click to zoom

posted on this thread, with more pictures, here.

It's so great. People stop by out of curiosity and the whole place is
just filled with fishing conversation. It's like the good old days. Bait
shop talk! Stop by and tell them Jennie sent you!

Hey-- let's talk about dancing trees, k?
A long time ago, one day in the Deschutes National forest, the kids and
I were playing Phil Collins "Lorenzo" on the stereo. We were
on a dusty road, way out in nowhere. The pine trees were so tall and grand
and free. They made their own music in the wind (have you heard it?) and
they were dancing to it. They were dancing! Really! It was so awesome
that I just had to join them!
I flung open the doors of the car, and just got out and started to move.
It had to be! I didn't think twice. The kids were laughing. They got it.
They felt the tree groove, too!
Trees dance. They really do!
I've been noticing it lately, a bunch. We have a red maple out in the
yard. It's young and spicy. It has a full cover of leaves right now and
when the wind blows, it really rocks out! It makes me laugh out loud!
It's so joyful about it! It swishes and sways and moves, all over!
Conifers don't groove so much. Ever notice? They are old and wise, and
it takes the strongest of wind to 'move' them.
Yet, the young ones that survive on the little bit of light they get,
along the edge of their families home-- well, they have the groove! They
I imagine them getting scolded for it, though, by their elder trees. They
are embarrassed by this youthful activity, but can do little about it.

Yesterday, while driving home from Portland, I noticed those young ones.
There was sunlight streaming down in strong rays, adding fuel to their
fire. The bold rays spotlighted those teenage rebels. I felt akin to them.
I'm 50 years old, but I pulled over...
I was playing music that moved me, just like the sunlight and spring winds
were moving them. I believe that the weather is music to the trees, like
instrumentals are, to us.
I didn't care that people were passing on the highway. By golly, I was
going to join those trees, and be a rebel, myself! Dancing with the trees...

The music played loudly outside my open car door, and the sunlight hit
me for the first time in what seemed like months!
My limbs were a bit sore, and they don't move like they did when my kids
were little, back on that Deschutes forest day so long ago... but I moved!
I danced! I laughed!
Much to the chagrin of those old, wise conifers that shaded the sun, who
tried to make limit of our joy, we danced together! Those whippy, sparsely
green, almost marfan-like trees and I danced in the spring, in the sun,
in the wind!
I heard their music, and they heard mine.
We could relate!
A speeding car, passing by on the highway honked at me. I don't know if
it was the ifish sticker on the back of my car, or the fact that some
old woman was dancing in the trees that caused the honk, but it didn't
matter to me. I danced and gulped buckets of the fresh air they helped
to create, deep into my lungs.
I love the forest!
Right now, if I gaze out into the wall of trees surrounding me here in
the Kilchis river valley, all I see is quiet. It's morning and no one
is dancing, yet. There doesn't seem to be a breath of breeze to dance
to, anyhow. The trees that I see grow up the hillside are all older, mature
trees. They stand strong and wait for a real wind to dance to. They are
so thickly grown that the sunlight doesn't allow for much new growth.
The canopy so thick, it shields against any youthful dancing on the mountain!
Are we like that, sometimes? Us older people? Do we try to shadow out
any youthful silliness?
Yet, if I look out to the back yard, I see our baby trees. We planted
them out in the open, so that they'd have the full sun, all to themselves.
The little red maple, a young cherry tree, a chestnut tree from Bill's
Moms, that we planted three years ago.
Those trees take advantage of the very slightest wind, and take in all
of the sunshine possible in the yard and they rock out!
I can relate to those trees and they make me smile, each time I see them!

I can just imagine them at night, even... "Dancing with the stars!"
We need to plant more of these trees, out in the open with nothing to
inhibit them. And then just watch their joy! The slightest breeze makes
them dance and giggle!
Join them! It feels awesome!

May 7th!

Blue Cloud Sky Gas Cumulus

Mostly sunny,
with a high near 62. North northeast wind between 6 and 11 mph.

No way! REALLY? OH MY!
Someone put the coffee on! Get out the magazines! Go get the canoe! Put
the winter clothes away! Hose off the deck! Get out the lawn chairs! Fire
up the Traeger! Get out the gardening tools! Go buy some flowers! Plant
the vegetables! Trim the raspberries back! Weed the garden! Pick the asparagus!
Mow the lawn!
Anyone who doesn't have to work today has done the equivalent of winning
the lottery! You have sunshine for your day off!
We have ONE day of sunshine to do everything we must, during our one day
of Spring!

May 8th!

...and the sun still shines! I love it! Not even a cloud
in the sky, still!
Last afternoon, the clouds were so awesome! I love it when the clouds
cut deep and sharp into a dark blue sky. You know, those white puffy ones
with very clearly outlined shapes? And then, those faded into the most
intense dark bank of clouds, I think I've ever seen. Perhaps it was just
the contrast of the blue sky, the white puffy clouds and then the black
storm clouds, but wow! I pulled over and had to just stare, for a while.

"How Great thou Art" is all I could think! To be able to create
such art in the sky! What a wonderful palette and what an awesome medium!
I want to play! What kind of brush do you use, to create such things?
Oh! By the way... You know that I haven't seen any redds this year. I
guessed that with the rain, this year, we had such a good escapement,
that they all spawned up river? Well, that's been verified! Bill was up
at the park and there was a ODFW guy doing a stream survey. He said he'd
never seen so many active redds upstream. Ha! I was right! I don't know
why I am so glad, though... that means I have no redd viewing at my house!
I really miss that! I just hope maybe there are some late spawners that
may come to perform their magic for me.
It's still wonderful to go to the river with my folding chair and just
sit and gaze. Just more fun if you see a flashing steelhead, digging her
Well, I'm off to see what I can do today in the sunshine. Yesterday, I
planted some new plants, thinned some seedlings, and refilled bird feeders.
Then, I was off in the car to do some errands.
Life is good when the sun shines.
Oh! Bill brought home a springer, yesterday and I get to cook springer
for dinner! Oh! Mighty big man brings home the kill for the day!
Little woman will now fix it for him. LOL


(Day after Mother's Day-- Keep it alive!)

I spent most of Mother's Day vacuuming.
They say not to buy appliances, cleaning equipment, etc., for things like
Birthdays and Mother's Day. Au contraire! For me, that is just fine! Anything
that makes my jobs easier is a good thing.
A day at the spa would be marvelous, but that only lasts one day!
This lasts me a long time and I don't need to go to the spa as often,
if I don't hurt as much! I dislike dragging around a heavy old vacuum
that needs going over a spot three times, in order to get the dirt out.
I love my Hoover Platinum! It's a bagged vacuum and I love it!
I came down from a (cold- the boys had all showered! Creeps!) shower,
and didn't expect to see what I saw. It was on the table, standing in
a box so tall. It was a... Oh my! I was so excited I hid my face and giggled.
A Hoover vacuum was on my table!!
I did! I hid my face while I walked by, trying to contain my excitement.
No one was around but me and my new vacuum! I was embarrassed by my excitement!
I couldn't look! I had to take it in, bit by bit. I had to come back to
It had a baby vacuum in it, too! One that I could haul around with a shoulder
harness to do my stairs and my car and... Oh, my! Clean! It was going
to finally be clean, everywhere!
I filled an entire bag full of dirt, yesterday!
It sounds like an airplane taking off, when I start it up! I just love
Anyhow... I'm thrilled!
And now, to make it last. Mother's Day, in my opinion, should start the
night before with "Mother's Day Eve" and last through the week,
like the Seven Days of Christmas or something.
So, today I am having cinnamon rolls for breakfast and chocolate for lunch.
Oh! Guess what else? I got a redd for Mother's Day! It's an old couple,
these steelhead making a redd for my day, but I don't care! I was just
thrilled by the gift of it. Two elderly steelhead, the female, shaking
wildly as she dug into the river rocks, clearing the way for her nest.
It was just magical and I'm headed out there to watch, again. I hope they
aren't finished! Just when I had totally given up!


Just home from OHSU. Please pray for Andrew. While in a
totally unrelated doc appointment, they heard a very strong murmur and
now, well, it's a long story, but they are worried about aortic insufficiency
and so is his Mom. :(
Two months ago, the cardiologists reported, "No murmur." Now,
he has a very loud one. Sheesh. Does it ever end? I should reword that.
Back tomorrow for more tests.

on the 12th!

Please keep Andrew in your thoughts and prayers. (And me,
too! I'm so tired! Five hours sleep and off to Portland, again!)
Just got this from a friend who knows about marfan. She went to a symposium
where this was discussed. I believe Andrew had the Tyrone procedure. I
always knew he was in the top 5 percent, but...

Dr. Fishbien, who is training under Dr. Miller, talked
about that at the Northern CA symposium.
I think the statistics he gave said that in about 5% of people who used
the Tyrone David valve sparing procedure and 20% of people who used the
UK procedure ended up needing a replacement surgery due to leakage. I'll
see if I have notes on his lecture...I don't think he printed out copies
for us though. I'm not saying that's what your son is going to need, I
mean I have no idea, but that is a risk that was brought up at the lecture.
Hopefully he just needs monitoring and not another surgery! ~ Maya

Anyhow, I will tweet updates.

on the 13th!

Thank God! Andrew doesn't have to have surgery, yet. Things
are looking alright, for now.
It's good, I guess, that the good doc was worried when she heard Andrew's
murmur. "You want the doc to worry about you" said the surgeon.
I guess that's true!
Anyhow, Andrew has insufficiency, but they hope that the leak will be
OK until some new procedure comes out where he won't have to have open
heart surgery. They do it.. (get this) through your veins? No way! Miracles!
Anyhow, we will keep a close watch on him and with your prayers, he should
be fine! Yay!
I am tired, though... and life goes on. So much to do!
So much to catch up on!

on the 14th!

My life feels like a tangle, today. I'm a bit stressed out.
Harried. Hurried.
I always get a migraine after stressful things. And so, one was with me
yesterday, all day long. Andrew's condition and not knowing... really
stressed me out. The migraine equals the stress! This was a big one.
I got on my knees in the middle of the night and had a little talk with
"Please help me to shop for shoes." I giggled.
Good thing He has a sense of humor. He knew what I was referring to. Now
I'll tell you.
It was the other day at Nordstrom rack that made me say that. I was frustrated,
shopping for my 11 AAAA narrow shoes. Andrew had given up on me, and gone
to sit in the car to listen to music. The lady next to me understood my
frustration. She had the same, but opposite problem.
She owned a size 12 extra wide foot.
As a young adult, I had no gay-dar whatsoever. I laughed at the term.
My girlfriend and I would go out and I would spy really cute guys. She'd
discourage me, though, by telling me she thought this one or that one
was gay. Dang! She was always right!
Well, I have good God-dar. I can just tell a good God loving Christian,
a mile off..
I am drawn to Christians as if by magic, it seems. I love that. "You
will know they are Christians by their love." It's so true! I think
it's just the kind smile people wear. The joy wells up and spills over
and I find it. I wouldn't talk to just any stranger, you know! But, I
can tell a Christian a mile away! (And cute gay guys!) But, Christians
invite you to get closer. To chat. To smile.
Gay guys do too, but mostly to admire how well I play the piano, or what
a lovely top I have. Never for the reason I was seeking them out in the
first place! LOL
Never mind that.
Joy is rare in the city, these days, so it's easy to spot.
I turned to her and invited friendship, "Maybe I should just grab
a designer shoe box and tape it on!"
She laughed knowingly and we chatted. After a while, she said, "You
might think I'm weird, but you know what really helps me? I pray before
I go shopping for shoes."
I hadn't thought of that! Could I? Really? Would God not think I was frivolous?
I was trying on my 50th or so pair without luck. My lower back ached.
I was breaking out in a sweat. Every shoe I tried on had at least a two
inch gap of air between my foot and the top of the shoe. They were so
much too wide that a shoe would never even stay on my foot!
Used to be that Nordstrom carried my size, but not so much, any more!
Or, for Andrew!
Andrew and I had gone through the men's size 16 and up aisle with a toothpick.
We laughed at the most ugly huge shoes you'd ever seen! Every decent shoe
he tried was too wide, too! He has the same problem. Big and narrow.
And I mean big!
I'll never forget when we had to stop our annual tradition of snow skiing
on my Birthday each year. No one had a size 17 ski boot! There are so
few shoes for him to choose from and to find one on sale would be a miracle.
But, miracles do happen! Why not pray?
Pray before going shopping? Well, it's not like we were shopping for fun.
We needed shoes! You know? Shoes protect our feet! I don't have a million
pair. I have barely what a girl needs! (You know, 2 thousand or so pair...
and I have so few! I have a long ways to go!)
So, right there, I said a little prayer. As if by magic, (or prayer?)
the very next shoe FIT! WOW. That was quick! To "boot" it was
cute! Fashionable, even!
I love it!
I always used to joke about how I needed God to post big billboards in
order to get through to me. Big billboards with "Jennie! Look here!
The answer is here!"
I don't get "subtle" very often!
This was one of those billboard moments!
So, from now on, I'm going to pray for even little things. I've forgotten
to do that, lately. Perhaps that's why my life has become so stressful
again. I can always tell! When my life becomes chaos, it's almost always
because I've forgotten to include Him.
With Andrew's medical condition lately, the ifish board going crazy with
not-so-nice people, I don't know... so much! The boys can't find jobs.
I have had to travel to Portland quite often, and a day "off"
seems far, far away. I haven't been sleeping well. I'm tired and seem
to ache more, lately.
I dream of finding a wad of cash and running away to an island, somewhere!
I was up last night at 2 last night. I couldn't sleep. The more I lay
awake, the more problems entered my mind, and I swam in those awful mid
of the night, "what ifs" that probably will never happen. You
know what that's like? Also, the fear that it was getting later and later.
I wasn't getting sleep and we are taking my Dad salmon fishing, today.
I didn't have food ready! My planned on sourdough rolls were a flop.
Yesterday, I had babied a sourdough starter all day, proofing in the oven...
until.... Bill turned the oven on and baked it! He was going to keep his
bacon warm and didn't know that I was proofing sourdough in there. ARGH!

It was just a tough day.
I have so much to be thankful for. Thank GOD that Andrew doesn't need
heart surgery. But, the little things are getting to me, lately.
And it is those little things, like not being able to buy a pair of shoes
that fit that add up.
I didn't buy that pair of shoes the other day that finally fit, as if
by prayer. But, I came away from that store with something that was far
more valuable.
A smile from a new friend, and a reminder to pray before I begin any
new project, regardless of how unrelated I may think it would be, to my
Heavenly Father. He is with me always! Everywhere! Why not lean on him
for everything, everywhere?
God is there with me every moment. Like a good friend that I can rely
on, to help me through big things and little things.
Each time I put on my shoes, I'm going to ask God to help me serve others
wherever those shoes may take me! Just like that lady in Nordstrom!
"Lord, may my shoes help me to spread the Good News of peace."
* Ephesians 6:15
Father, on my feet, I put the shoes of the gospel. Prepare me by helping
me know Jesus in a deeper way. Let your Word become the guiding light
for every step I take today and let the knowledge of the good news of
Jesus' death and resurrection be my source of peace. Amen.
Today I'm even going to pray to God to help my Dad catch a salmon.
I know, it seems frivolous. There are so many more important things to
pray for... but God can do it all! Big things and small!
I just find that awesome!

more midnight snacks on the 16th!

I've been battling a bad smell in my kitchen for a while,
The mice and rats are gone after a multi thousands repair and removal.
There will be no more poisoning the rats in our household. Nope! That
was NOT a good experience. I just hope that they don't come back!
They all died in their nests all cuddled up in the cozy, pink insulation.
Multitudes of them. Oh well, we needed new insulation anyhow. Right, Bill?
Not going to say "Told you so Bill!" -about the smell I read
that could happen if you use poison. Nope~! He just paid the bill and
that was good enough for me!
I just said, "Oh, Bill! Thank you for fixing the problem!" --Just
like I said, "Oh, Bill! That stinks so bad! When will it be fixed!?"
and "Oh, Bill! PLEASE don't use poison! It says here..."
But, a smell lingered. Even after he fixed the problem. And it was a new
and different bad smell. I had smelled it before. I knew it was familiar.
The minute I smelled it, I thought to myself "When have I smelled
this smell?" I mean, it was almost a good/bad smell. You know, associated
with something good, but still a bad smell?
Um, no. Don't go there. Not that, either.
I cleaned out my fridge so many times. I scrubbed. I dubbed. I bleached!
Still, nothing helped.
Well, today... Today, I reached down into places I had never gone before
and there it was.
One black, curled up, dead sand shrimp.
"Oh, Bill!" I screamed.
How many times have I asked him not to put bait in the kitchen fridge?
We have a separate fridge for that!
Don't tell. I'm guilty too.
Thing is, that I am even guiltier, and most probably am the guilty "one"-
but since Bill is male and males fish, I could get away with girlishly
screaming about dead stinky things,
"Oh... Bill!" I screeched in my most girlish voice.
You know, I'm the girl that accidentally breaks the top of the plastic
lids on sand shrimp containers.
Bill doesn't do that.
Thing is, I get so excited to fish that I break the lids getting in there!
And thing is, if I just stick it in the kitchen fridge, I can sit down
at the table, warm up and have a cup of coffee before I go back out again!
But the thing is, I can get away with screaming in my most girlish voice,
"Oh, Bill! Pulease come get this!" I can, so I will.
He fell for it! He came to the rescue on his white horse, and brought
out this one, very petrified, black sand shrimp, complete with odor so
bad that it sent me screaming, again!
It was from... No. Not springer season. No, not late winter steelhead
fishing. You got it. Early hatchery steelhead fishing... back in November/December.
It doubled the stink, each month!
Just imagine reaching back to get that last cup of yogurt in the middle
of the night, like sometimes I do and having something pinch you!
Now, I'll have that to remember, each time I get hungry in the middle
of the night. Perhaps I'll lose weight, because I'm not doing that, anymore!
At least, I'll move the yogurt's position to top rack.
How could Bill do this to me? I told him NEVER to keep bait in the kitchen
"Bill! How could you?"
He giggled. Boys like gross things like that, and he took full responsibility
for it. I think he was almost proud of an act he didn't even do!
He started in, "Did I tell you about the time I put a worm in my
mouth and tried to kiss a girl in grade school?"
He totally accepted the responsibility!
Shame on me!

warning on... May 19th!?

Colorfulness Rectangle Slope Font Line

Our barometer
this morning

I woke this morning to partially sunny skies and calm. I
remembered last night and all the huff and puff of weather reports. Yeah,
right... a storm! As if! In May!
Then, I came down and saw this. Yup. We's be gettin' a storm alright!
If you click on the above picture, you'll get a readable, larger version.
The barometer is dropping fast!
Guess I won't be out on the bay, today, either!
I have a doctor's appointment, so I have to get going. Guess I won't be
laying in the sun, today!
We have a new redd outside. I hope they'll be alright. I hope we don't
get too much rain, and the rivers mess with the babies in their river
crib. I worry about them, so!
You know, my boys are not the least bit interested, it seems, in relationships.
What is it with kids these days? They wait until their 30s to find a life
partner. It isn't just my boys. I've talked to other parents who say the
That's fine and all. I do appreciate the wisdom in waiting. I do appreciate
that I don't have Grandchildren when my kids are still kids! I do! But,
at the same time, I long for a grand baby! I'm not afraid of the term,
Grandma! I see my moderators and their beautiful grandchildren and their
own children and I am green with envy!
So... I have decided that my moderators children and grandchildren are
mine, too! I have adopted them! I mean, look at this face, and see if
you wouldn't do the same!

Nose Hair Cheek Smile Eyebrow

Crabbait's daughter

Is she not darling!? Can't I PLEASE be Grandma? The other
cool thing is that I'd have to go visit and they live in a place far away
where the temperature is an even 80 degrees, year round, and there are
beaches to lounge on and tropics all around!
Yes! I want to be her Grandma!
Off to the doc!

does the time go on... May 23rd!?

My oh, my! It's four days later, and I haven't written a
darn thing!

Water Vertebrate Sunglasses Goggles Outdoor recreation

First springer for Jennie and Bill
(He couldn't have done it without me!)

...or maybe he could have!

Water Boat Outdoor recreation Fisherman Fish

Click pictures to zoom!
Bill and Don Schwartz

took Bill out with his clients and caught these beauties
out by the jetty.
It's tough being a girl that likes to fish, sometimes. Although most men
think it would be a lucky thing, others not so much. Bill is one. He likes
to fish with me. I know he does. But, there are times he has to get out
with the guys.
On Thursday, I went to see my Dad. I said specifically to Mr. Bill Hedlund,
"Bill, I'd like to prefish Friday. Would you?"
See, the "Bounty on the Bay" tournament was Saturday. You
can find the info, here.

He said he didn't think so. He mumbled it, as if it really didn't sink
"Bill? If you'd like to fish Friday, I'd like to fish. Please let
me know, so that I can get back in time."
I called home Thursday. No answer. I guessed we weren't fishing, so I
stayed over night in Portland.
I called in the morning. No answer?!
Finally I found out where he was. FISHING! The creep! And... to top it
off, he caught one!
Although I was joyful to have beautiful springer at my home, I was miffed!
How could he?
It felt to me like asking someone out on a date, and having them say no,
and then going with someone else. Girls! We are so sensitive! Right?
But-- he claims he doesn't even remember me asking to fish. Still, my
heart dropped when I was in Costco, buying his dinner, and I heard his
voice, stating that he was fishing with Chris.
I promptly took the steaks out of my basket and went to get pizza. Bill
doesn't like pizza much. Oh well. I didn't like being left out much!
So, yesterday was the Bounty on The Bay tournament and we took off to
fish a bit. I wasn't feeling very well, and it always takes me a bit of
time to recover from trips to Portland.
We didn't rise with the morning light and fish. We were lazy and slept
in, and leisurely launched late morning. We had a fish in the boat in
less than two hours! Whoo hooo! We didn't see any others caught, and the
boaters out there didn't report any caught. We were just lucky!
I've got the bug now, and I've got it bad.
It's pouring down rain right now, but guess where I want to go?
I write very sporadically this time of year, as I'm out fishing quite
a bit.
The rain, I've decided is what it is. It isn't changing any time soon,
so I'm just going to be satisfied with it. The trees are all a thousand
shades of green. It's gorgeous, actually, and I love the jungle-like sound
of rain falling on the canopy of trees. I love how the wet, overgrown
grasses brush against my legs and soft drops of water land on my cheeks.
It's fresh and clean and beautiful outside. My plants are all thriving,
despite the constant soaking and the intermittent winds.
My lounge chair is over on its side, waiting to dry out the next dry day.
When will that be? Who knows... so like I said. It is what it is and I
have to be satisfied with the rain, like it or not. Might as well like
it. Right?
I've been playing sourdough starter. It's good weather for that.
I don't know if I mentioned it, but I was making my sponge and Bill accidently
turned the oven on and I'm pretty sure it died. I'm trying my hardest
to revive it, though and I think I'm almost there. I've made two loaves
that failed, but I think the next one might be a go!

on May 26th

I can't help but roll my eyes some days, when I read The
Psalms in the Old Testament. Not the praise ones, but the "whiny"
Feeling whiny myself, today, I read some of them. I read them while downing
four huge chocolate macadamia nut clusters from Costco.
Yes. Chocolcate and whinies go together like peas and carrots, but aren't
as good for me.
The Psalms I'm talking about are the ones about being badly hurt or victimized.
They are filled with sobbing, sorrow and fear. (And should include downing
several chocolates, while crying.)
Like many, I'm sure, I try to focus on the Psalms that are joyful and
praise filled. They are, of course, my fav!
But let's face it. We all have bad days. Today, I wanted to bask in my
The rain just poured sideways this morning and the wind blew like mad.
I had plans to fish. We were rained out, though. I'm not a fair weather
fisher, so much, but this was too much! The weather was nasty!
Tomorrow Bill has plans to fish with his friends, so that makes three
days now, I haven't fished. Give me another chocolate, OK?
Anyhow, some people find the old testament boring, but it really is a
riot in places. I'm so glad God has a sense of humor. After all, He created
Read some of the passages in a whiny voice like I did, and you'll see!
I also had fun reading all of the funny things on this forum "The
Ship of Fools
I'm just having a bad day. I turned to the Psalms and began to read in
my most pitiful whiny voice. I had myself laughing in no time!
I don't know what it is. Perhaps the lack of sunshine for so long? The
rain, the rain, the rain. It never ceases!
Maybe it's the mountains of slugs I have to remove from the garden, every
Or- the fact that I haven't been able to enjoy much else in my garden.
Perhaps the fact that I haven't felt that good? I can't help but think
that "not getting out" and "not feeling good" may
be related. Is it the chicken before the egg, or?
Difficult situations on our ifish board bring me down. I'm wondering how
or if I should become involved in any of these heated debates, or whether
ifish should remain neutral and just let folks have it out? Am I ifish?
Do I dare have a voice? I have worked so hard to make ifish a place for
all to have a voice.
So, if we do, at which point do we say "enough?"
At what point do I get the guts to question someone about being a Christian
like they told me they were, when all they seem to post about is hateful
things, aimed at others?
Are the fisheries issues important enough to be hateful to one another?
And, if I do say "enough is enough!" no matter where I close
a thread, it appears as if I am on one side of a debate or the other,
depending on whose post I close it after. That's always tough!
I used to love to fish mostly because it was all so uncomplicated.
Fishing was my break from playing difficult passages on the piano, or
having to learn hour long sets of music by memory. It was my relief from
practicing Schubert until every note rang out clear and fast. I don't
miss those days much! My wrist still hurts when I think of it! I think
I did do major damage, there! Repetitive damage!
Fishing was my sanity after a long day taking care of my two babies, just
13 months apart. As soon as my husband came home from work, I'd rush out
the door with my rod in hand. I needed a break! Quiet! Peace! Fish!
I was too young at the time to realize that he probably needed a break,
too! Oh, the mistakes I've made in my life! I'm sorry!
I used to wake with a clear head and be able to sit on the bank with nothing
on my mind at all. A bobber to stare at for hours. A bell to listen for.
That was it!
I miss those days. I really do! ("Oh, Psalms!" I whine in a
whiny voice...)
Why in the world do I feel that every morning I have to get up and fill
my mind with problems by coming here, first?
Hey! I think I'm onto something! I need to fish first, and then greet
the problems at ifish! Yes?! Do you think so? Yes! I need that time of
quiet to prepare myself. To pray, to praise, to be quiet!
There was a time when my mind was free and my body agile enough to get
up at dawn, run down a sandy stretch, and climb to the top of the Hammond
jetty! I'd jump from boulder to bolder to claim my special rock! When
huge waves came, I'd duck under a boulder and let the pounding surf crash
over me, getting soaking wet and laughing about it with my friends!
Not so smart, I think, now... but it was fun!
I had nothing but fishing and freedom on the brain! I want that back!
I'm not too old to be free fishing minded!
When I head to Portland so often, these days, I pass by huge trucks that
carry large boulders to create a jetty somewhere, for some young girl
to fish off of. They taunt me! Each one looks vaguely familiar. Is that
my rock? Or is that my rock? A 'piece of my peace' heads straight away
from me- further and further down the road in the opposite direction!

Hey, wwwwwwait! I want to turn around to follow that rock, and to claim
"That's my rock! STOP!"
That's my peace! STOP! That's my hope! Stop! That's my freedom! STOP!
That's my rock!
That's it, too! Fishing is my rock.
It's what stabilizes me and keeps me sane in an otherwise crazy world!
It's not about the fish, really. It's about the freedom of fishing.
Fishing is what allows me time to talk to my creator so that each day,
I can meet problems head on, and deal with them, and arm myself with the
word so that I can have Him there to preserve my sanity in the world!
Today it was difficult to write! But, I'm so glad I did!
Sometimes God answers me in prayer. But, most times God has to hit me
on the head to get something thru to me, or place a billboard along the
hiway, in order to get me to understand.
Today, He spoke to me in my writing.
"Jennie! Go Fishing!" He says to me.
The message is clear as a bell and I feel oh-so -much better! And I like
the answer, too!
I love God! He wants me to fish! COOL!
I need to fish for God first thing in the morning, before I sit down at
That is what has been missing!
Whoo hooo! What an awesome God!
I think I'll celebrate! Get out the chocolate!

a difference a day makes!
May 27th

So far, everything in the world is good, good, good!
I'm so excited! My sourdough is finally acting like sourdough should!

I revived the failing starter by going through a week long process of
feeding, throwing some out, feeding double, throwing out more and feeding
again. Daily!
Thank God for
this site!
It's really helped me!
Yesterday I took two cups of my finally revitalized starter out to make
the bread, put the rest in a clean, sterile jar for my starter for next
time, and made bread dough.
The key to my success was waiting for my starter to double on its own.
They say that bread can't be expected to double if your starter won't.
It did, so I will make bread!
I waited all day for it to rise. (Part of my angst about yesterday...)
and it did not.
I have so resisted adding yeast to my starter. That's cheating! I want
real, wild yeast to make Tillamook bread! I wanted Tillamook wild yeast!
Bill was looking forward to bread last night for dinner. I could have
baked it anyhow, but it just wasn't at full rise, or even 1/2 rise! It
would have been hard and dense.
I sighed, told him I was sorry, and put it in the warm closet by the water
heater and went to bed.
This morning I woke to sunshine and fully risen bread dough! I was ecstatic!
(Still am!) Success! So my yeast is a bit slow. That's OK!
There is nothing on earth like the feel of good, risen dough in my hands!
I adore it! It felt perfectly risen, soft, elastic, wonderful! I'm not
kidding. There is something about hand made bread that is just renewing
or something! But, it's joyful!
It just feels like a soft naked baby's bottom! And it's that kind of wholesome
joy, too!
So... after discussing with the kids how to form it... (Should it have
slits in the top? Free form or in a bread pan?) We decided on a bread
pan, and slit the top too! It's now doing its final rise in the closet.
What do cook with it?
Fresh spring chinook, of course!!
See, I had a choice. I could fish the lower bay with Bill, Dudley and
Jack, or stay home... alone!
I gave the kids a 9:00 forced departure time and decided that staying
home alone would be wonderful!
I want.. I need... quiet time!
There is something so special about quiet time to me! It used to be that
when the boys kids and at home, they would go to school, during the day.
I had my dose of free time.
Also, there were days when Bill would go to Lake Oswego to take care of
his Mom. That left me alone.
Now, the kids are adults and they only leave home to work, or go to apply
for more jobs. Jobs are hard to come by in a small community like Tillamook.
So, lately, I've been "in company" far too much for my liking!
The sun is even shining! WOW!
So, what do I do when I'm home alone?
Anything I like! I usually like the doors open, so that the inside is
the outside, and the outside is the inside.
I take the dogs for walks. I go canoeing. I leave if I want, and not if
I don't want.
I read. I work on ifish. I rest. Pretty much everything I do when I'm
in company, but with no noise. No television. No music. No pounding of
a bass from rock and roll coming from the boys room!
But, I think mostly it's the fond memories of finally seeing the kids
off on the bus in the morning. You know that feeling? That hush after
suicide hour in the morning before school? Yeah. It feels like that.
The relief after the hustle and bustle of checking their homework, cleaning
up the dishes from breakfast and that final feeling of sitting down to
a hot cup of coffee and a quiet house. I adore that feeling and I need
to revisit it, from time to time!
I usually get tons of housework done while I'm alone.
It was a tough decision. I wanted to fish. But, I think I need this, even
Today, though? I'm going to drink hot coffee on the porch and feel the
sunshine on my shoulders. Thank you very much, Mr. Denver!
I'm going to peek on my rising bread all too often!
I'm going to grab a fly rod and fling it around and then return again
to a quiet house!
I'm going to check on the raspberries and blueberries and strawberries
and see how many I'll have, soon!
I'm going to transplant some of my zinnias that I grew by seed in a cold
I'm going to grab another cup of coffee and call my Dad, just to chat.
Today is good clear to the brim of my filled coffee cup!
As I look around me, I see the sun shining down on all of the shades of
green that gently sway in the wind, and I think... This is
my Father's world!
I'm so thankful to be here!

This is my Father's world,
and to my listening ears
all nature sings, and round me rings
the music of the spheres.
This is my Father's world:
I rest me in the thought
of rocks and trees, of skies and seas;
his hand the wonders wrought.


Happy Sunday! I'm trying to get the board fixed. Woke up
to a Memcache error, again. We were to have issues this weekend, and have
some things upgraded, but I don't think we were meant to have memcache
errors on the board! LOL.... I have alerted the powers that be. Please
be patient!



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