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Marine Power Service?

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Does anyone have a recomendation on where to take my boat to trouble shoot an engine problem. It is a 2003 350 chevy, Marine Power engine. The boat was purchased from Siglars but wondered who else has does work on Marine Power and any opinions. Thanks in advance
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When I had a problem with my Weldcraft I called to M/P and asked them who in the Seattle area they reccomended. They will give you a list of the outfits that do service work.
If you purchased the boat at Sigler's, why don't you take it to them for service? They have a service department.
Geemo, I didn't think you took the boat to siglers anymore. Wasn't there someone else in portland that knew these engines better.
Thanks for the feedback. I am going to troubleshoot the fuel system first. Then when I have some numbers on pressure and pump run times I will contact someone to help me service. I have been told that the fuel pump is one of the most common items to fail. I will check the dealer and see if they stock these or need to be ordered.
If anyone else has has any fuel pump or misfiring troubleshooting experience, I would love to hear about it.
Take it to the dyno building. i hear there's a guy down there who's really good, plus he's free. :grin:
Let me know when you find the solution.

Geeee...... ******* thanks for the tip!
Hey PM me the address. I'll keep it on hand for when I need the guys help.

Update. ******* and I put my boat on the water today. Discovered the inside of the distributor cap and rotor were wet and badly coroded, suprising since the rest of the engine parts have very little corosion. We replaced those parts and set the timing with ******** diagnostic tool and it is running great. Kudos to *******
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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