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March is already here... wow

Since we have both springers and wild steelies are in the month of March.. we have two different rods on special.

The first is the

TH 1084 (spinning or casting) 9' 8-12# my favorite dirft rod. This rod usually sells for $151 w/ standard guides and $171 w/ SicTi

It is on sale for $126 and $146

In celebrating the early springer season we have the TH 1025 8'6" 8-17# this is a good all around rod.
It usually sells for $144 w/ standrad guides, and $164 w/ SicTi guides. It is on sale for $124 and $144.
We have this rod in matte gray and olive green gloss.. it is very beauitful

Thanks to all of those who ordered rods in February
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