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fair, yet so cold like a morning of pale Spring still clinging to Winter's
from The Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers (2002)

3, 2016

The date for March will be Mauve.

Mauve March


I am snuggled in my PJs, overlooking my kingdom as the dogs often do from
the porch. I'm finally back at the coast. It's an audble sigh to be here.

The rain is constantly falling from the sky. From a light, soft patter to
strong showers that include hail. It's spring time! Thunder rumbles in the
distance, somewhere farrrr over the ocean.

Ever since oh, about a year ago Spring, when we had a very close lightening
strike, (and resulting LOUD thunder) Revvie, our black lab, has had a problem
with thunder. She wants to cuddle close, drool, and shake like a leaf.

Strange for a hunting dog, who is otherwise very comfortable with loud gunshot.
Wouldn't you say?

I sat down to do my ifish work, when I first heard it. No work for me, I guess!
Back up the stairs to cuddle. Revvie comes first.

Revvie wants....

So, I called her up, and back to bed we go! I turned up the tv, called her
to my lap, and gladly protected her from the scary weather.

I'm late. I haven't done a darn thing this morning. I couldn't sleep last
night, and when I finally did, I stayed that way till well past seven in the
morning. Not like me. Like me lately, I guess, but not like the historic,
early morning Jennie. I must be getting old. (Don't tell anyone!)

It's so weird. I look at pictures of me, and think, "I'm not old. I'm
kinda cute... a little bit." Until I look in the mirror, and that tells
a much different story. I then realize that I haven't had a picture taken
of me, lately. It might just stay that way! Ha! I'm going to stay the way
the fish pictures make me look! Young! Healthy! (ish?) I'll stop at young.

The two images, the one in the mirror, and the one holding up a fish, above,
put side to side tell a much different story!

I'm 56, now. I liked 55 better. But... I have to say that after being told
for so many years that I would be dead by 35, well... 56 is just more than
fine! In fact, I'm still celebrating my Birthday!

I think I'm going to start writing about what I do here, at ifish.net, and
how things work. I think it would be interesting for people to know what goes
on in the background.

I've already rambled through today's date, so I'll start that story next time.
At least, most of it.

What I do first, though, when I get up, get the coffee going, and grab the
dogs treats, (after feeding the cat a treat, too,) I wander to the computer,
and open up my Email.

There, I see many, many ifish e mails, waiting to be addressed.

They are every alert that any member has made on a thread, from "Please
delete this classified ad", to "This post is inflammatory"
or, "This guy broke the rules".

I can either go direct to the mod board, and go down any bolded, unread threads,
and catch up that way, or I can start at the top of my e mails, and click
on the link that the members alerts have automated for me.

That's what I'm going to do, now.

This part of my morning takes anywhere from 15 minutes, to two hours, and
sometimes, difficult problems bring me back to the computer from -off and
on- all day, to many days!

Off I go. I usually start this at 6 or 7 in the morning, but today it is 9:07!
The other mods have probably done all the hard work, and that is not fair
to them! Yikes!

4, 2016

Sometimes I wake up with the giggles. The dogs help, with their
excited tails and "Woo, woo, woooo's" but, this morning, Bill helped

I pour myself a glass of water, every morning, and most usually these days,
have trouble locating it, after I set it down to go get the dogs and cats

A s I wandered back thru the kitchen, I asked Bill, or no one in particular,
"Where is my water?"

Bill sleepily responded, "I don't know. I didn't put it there."

Is that funny? I sure thought so and couldn't stop giggling! I'm still
giggling! I think you have to be sleepy in order for it to be funny! But,
I sure helped the dogs out with their "woo woo woos!"

I think the dogs get the giggles in the morning, too!

So, what is my routine in the morning? Just that. Giggles.

Then, I sit down to drink coffee, and do ifish. I'm going to skip the e mail
thing, as I went thru that yesterday. I also write here, either before or
after the e mail thing.

I have found, however, that the e mail thing often sets the tone for my writing,
here. I know that it's better to start off writing, but it's been engrained
into me to do the work first, and the fun stuff later. It's just no fun, though,
to read something that makes someone upset, and then to have to find the wonders
of my world to share here.

This morning, I'm having my cake, first, so to speak. I'm not touching ifish.
I'm going to keep the giggles going!

Spring! That right there makes me giggle, and soars my soul. Isn't it beautiful

It's so weird, because yesterday on the river, I found a pumpkin shell, washed
down from upriver, and half covered in silt. Halloween!? Where did that go
to? It was just yesterday! Right? And now, tiny green shoots are bursting
out of old dead looking branches!

The air has a thick, warm, moisture to it, and the birds are noisily working,
all around me.

My daphnes! I have Daphne bushes both here and in Oregon City and they are
in full bloom and full aroma! I have to stop each time I wander past, to breathe
deeply. The smell is out of this world!

I think the one in Oregon City smells the best. It grabs my attention before
my eyes even see it, with it's heady scent. I open my front door, and am blasted
by it, if the sunshine is warming the flowers. Wow. I'm so thankful for my
Daphne, and if you don't have one, get one! Get two! Just make sure you get
. That's the one that smells so great! The are a bit difficult
and fussy, but I've managed to grow them! That says something!

I'm watching the weather carefully, as Bill and I are fishing this weekend
with Bob Rees in the Steelheaders "Hook,
Line and Sinker" Tournament
. I think there is still time to register
if you want to play along! There are only four girls entered! Go for it, you

Well, I guess I'd better start my work. I'd so much rather get dressed and
go wander the river, but... it is what it is! There are problems to fix and
fish, fish, fish to talk about!

6, 2016

Poor Revvie! But, poor me! I love thunder, but she
has me freaked out!

The sky is black, and as soon as it turned, Revvie came shivering
up to me. She knows! So, now I'm sitting by the big office window,
wondering when it's going to boom! It makes me giggle, but at
the same time, I'm so jumpy!

I think she's going to get her way by leading me to the bedroom
to cuddle.

Willie is just sitting to the side wondering why we are all crazy!
I don't want Willie to be afraid of noises.

It's so strange, as Revvie has never been afraid of storms, until
last year when we had a big strike, very near the house. That
did it! I hope she learns that it's OK. Funny that she's not afraid
of gunshot.

Yesterday, I didn't fish with Bill and Bob Rees. Darnit, but I
had so much to do that it just didn't feel right. Plus, I'm having
trouble with my eyes. It makes me feel so wimpy when I have eye
trouble. I was going to say that there is "nothing worse"
but I don't dare say that! I know that there is much worse, and
so do you!

I did get a ton done, and now... NOW I want to go fishing! Too
late for this girl! :(

I can fish out back, though, and that's exactly what I'm going
to do! Time off for this girl! BYEEEEE!

I have to get away from this window, before it booms! GIGGLE...
I have never written so fast in my life! LOLOLOL

10, 2016

Purple Font Gas Magenta Cemetery
Purple Font Gas Magenta Cemetery
Purple Font Gas Magenta Cemetery

Now, every time I start a column, I think, "Mauve
". There is nothing about March that
is mauve. Well, I take that back. My Daphne, which is blooming,
is very mauve, indeed!

I'm going fishing, soon. Plunking, as a matter of fact. You know,
it's interesting how you are born in the fetal position, and as
you grow old, you begin to go back to that position.

I began fishing by plunking. Now, as I grow older, I'm going back
to that position! But, plunking can be fun and relaxing!

I mean, hey. I'm really not supposed to be catching salmon of
any kind, any how. It's hard on my aorta, which dissected over
10 years ago. I am very careful about it, and if not just for
the excitement of it, the fight is often handed off to Bill, so
that i don't over do it. I don't think he minds this chore, anyhow!

But, it's darn enjoyable. I get Bill all to myself, to tell me
long stories of how steelhead live their lives, and where they
are, at certain times of year, and certain times of their lives.
I love these stories! I love long drives with Bill, as I pick
his mind for details on salmonids, and their habits. There is
nothing I love to hear about, more. I suppose that's why I started

Oh! Speaking of ifish, this can't be repeated more often:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the board,

Please understand that the moderators don't have time to actively
read or heaven forbid, proof read all posts. We not only do not
agree with everything posted here, but it seems that many people
expect us to know that something bad is posted, and "How
come we are letting it go?" or, "Why is this still up?"
Or, "How come you let him do this, and I can't?"

Well... we need you to use the Alert button, and tell us that
it is there. We most likely aren't aware of things, until we are
told by the membership.

This has it's own set of problems, though. Because, if a member
wants to pick on another member, or wants a thread closed, because
it's not going there way, they can alert threads and posts, until
it is so much work for the moderator that we decide to close it.
Please don't do either! It's not fair to the members, or to us!

We are in constant need of good moderators to help us out, but
even more so, we need people to use the alert button, and to use
it responsibly, knowing that the reason a certain post is still
up, is because we have not noticed it... yet. We may never see
it, so let us know about it!

The alert button looks like this:
Purple Font Gas Magenta Cemetery
It is found to the left and bottom of every single post on the
board. All you have to do to help us out, is to read the AUP on
ifish, and if you find something that breaks our rules, simply
click on the image
Purple Font Gas Magenta Cemetery
fill out the text field in the next page by telling us why you
are alerting it, and hit submit! That's all there is to it, and
if you alert enough helpful alerts, sooner or later, we will ask
you to be a moderator! Oh, wait! Don't run away! You don't ever
HAVE to be a moderator, but we might ask! And just asking is a
huge compliment from us!

Moderating is a bit thankless, except you know that you are helping
out a lot of wonderful fishers, who appreciate having a clean,
spam free board to visit with others on! That's what I get out
of it, any how! And, I love it!

12, 2016

I forgot! March IS Mauve!

I couldn't hold back the giggles as I climbed the hill in my car to the neighborhood where my house is. Mauve, everywhere, and it was beautiful! Every cherry tree was brilliantly pink and mauve! Trees exploding in mauve and pink!

When I pulled into my driveway, not only was my Daphne still mauve, but there were little bouquets of flowers bursting from the ground that I had no idea would soon be in bloom, and they were brilliantly mauve!

After being stuck in traffic on 26 for an accident for what seemed like forever, Willie and I had about had enough of the car. My temper was rising.

That is, until I we approached the accident scene.

I talk to Willie (my dog) as if he is a person, and told him to calm down, and to be thankful we should be for being stuck in traffic, rather than involved in that accident. He seemed to understand, and cuddled back down into his sea of stuffed animals.

The accident scene sent shivers up my spine, and as I drove into my little neighborhood of mauve, Willie and I were singing praises! Yay! We are home, and it's pink, pink, everywhere!

Oh, the Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord! for giving me, the things I need, the sun and the rain and the mauve cherry trees!

I opened my car door, and Willie bounced out and up to the door, barking. He couldn't wait to see his David!

15, 2016

I'm headed back to the coast, but there is so much to be done, here! My garden! I brought my pvc pipe hoop garden set here to set up, but the rain really prevented me from doing anything out of doors.

I could stay longer, but I miss Bill, and it was his Birthday Sunday! We both missed each other's Birthdays this year, and that's not good! I don't feel good about that.

It's making me wonder whether I should keep this house, or not. I'd so miss my garden! I thought, "Well, I could just rent a garden, instead of a home!" One of those community gardens. Pete has one! But, I'm not close enough to be there often enough, without a house!

The only good solution is to move back to the coast, and get a wonderful green house like the one that Marie and Dennis have at Tillamook Bait. Have you ever seen it? It's perfect!

Well, we have the winners for the Springer contest! Andrew Randall and (Second place) Cory Remmers can pick up their Lamiglas
cork handle XCC1064!

Enjoy and congratulations!

I simply can't wait until Coastal springer fishing. That's my fav, now, I think. I love long days in the spring weather slowly cruising for that awesome bite! They are ferocious beasts that swim in the shallows! I love to be able to see them swim in schools in the shallows! Whoo hooo! Sometimes we long line, without any weight at all, through those shallows, and when they bite, look out! If they bite coming at you, you have to feel for the slack bite, and if they bite going against you, sometimes they take you right out of yours seat! This one did!

Trousers Smile Photograph Plant Fish

37 lb Springer

That is my fish of a lifetime, and I doubt I'll ever beat that. But... isn't
it beautiful? It's no wonder coastal springers are my fav!

18, 2016
Oh, agates of
my youth! Save me!

When the shadows stretch out as long and as tall
as the trees in the Fall, the river beaches on the Kilchis are
cheated from sunshine that would otherwise warm their banks.

Seven or more full months of cold and darkness envelop all of
the valley, here.

Winter is a dark time on the Kilchis and it makes Spring time
all the more a celebration!

I hovered tall over the bright, sparkly river beach yesterday.

It was like what you see from an airplane, far above the clouds.
Miniature wisps of moisture rose from the sparkles, creating their
own little weather system. Beautiful mammatus clouds, inches above
the sand!

I love mammatus clouds! I'd only seen pictures of them before,
but there they were! Inches above my ankles! They fascinate me,
and to have them right there, even though tiny, was so exciting!
I crouched down to see them close up. Had there been a tiny tornado,
too? :) Fascinating!

Willie raced by me, stirring everything to nothing.

The long months of winter moisture were sucked out of the sand,
and blew East in the soft winds. Away with winter! Away!

It's exciting to find just the perfect hiking stick on the river.
That means it's going to be a good day. Yesterday, in a pile of
sticks yay high, I found it! It fit everything on me, just perfectly!
It had a handle, bent at the top, and a place to rest my thumb.
It was as if it were fitted by God, himself! The perfect height.
The perfect width, and dry as a bone, instead of wet, sandy and

My day would be golden.

I worried, though. I'm thinking it means that I'm old, when I
have mined my entire river beach of sparkly agates. That seems
to be the case, too. They are gone, this year! It takes me forever
to find a find that I used to find every day!

When the kids were little, we'd play a game. We'd all be running
on the river beach and I'd yell, "Stop! Find!" as if
commanding a dog. We'd all stop, fall to our knees, and the first
to find an agate won the game.

It took seconds. Not minutes, and certainly not hours, or heaven
forbid, all season!

Is it a rotation thing? Are all the good agates, now tumbled beneath
a foot of plain old rock? Will they come back in my life time,
or have they gone downstream to the neighbors house? Are they
feeling the youth of all the agates that used to be here?

When I think of these things, the voices of my children when they
were young, haunt me. It's like I see David, running with our
old dog, DeeDee. He'd throw a stick out in the river in the heat
of the summer, and they'd race to see who could get it first.
I hear the laughter, as if in a dream.

Kids laughing... David and Andrew, swimming for hours.. Oh, I
miss those days.

The days of the easy agates. Where did they go?

Just as I'd given up all hope, the sparkles caught my eye. I lay
my perfect hiking stick down to pick up the most beautiful, large
and sparkly agate that I'd seen in years! It was beautiful and
well better than a driveway grade agate! This was a keeper! A
bathroom shelf type specimen!

I do keep grades of agates. I have a large glass vessel for drive
way agates that don't float my boat, but still deserve to be somewhere
besides the river beach.

Then, I have grades above that, from 5 to 1.

I can't complaint, because my one grade agates are on a shelf
above my sink, downstairs. The shelf is sagging with the weight
of beautiful, sparkly druzy type agates.

I guess it's the shelf of my youth, and it overflows!

I really have no complaint, then. Do I?

Bill complains about it, often. He finds agates out of place,
almost everywhere in the house.

They do represent youth to me, and now, as my years grow into
my golden years, they mean more and more to me!

20, 2016

The windows were open, and the church was filled
with late-spring smells, renascent dogwood and azalea--their petals
littering the path to the little church--and a clean, dry breeze
from the west…

-- Joe Klein, Primary Colors, 1996

I want to be there, this morning, but frankly, I'm
almost there, as it is. We'll call the pear tree in bloom, the
renascent dogwood. We have the clean, dry breeze, (almost!-it's
looking like rain and you can feel it in the air!) but, the little
path goes to the river; and many call that church.

So, there you go! Pretty darn close, I'd say!

And thank you, Lord for the two things that brought my pleasure,
this morning. My fingers, still able to typity type tap on the
keyboard, (both piano and computer!) and the taste of a fresh
cup of coffee that wets my whistle!

My life is good! Perfect, almost! That is, considering my age
and ability, these days!

Who am I, ever to complain about age, when I wasn't still supposed
to be here?

My sister responded to my latest scare of breast cancer with,
"Jennie, you have got to realize by now, that you will live
forever! Long passed Teri and I!"

Yep. Humpty Dumpty keeps being put together again!

When I stare at the mirror and note the wrinkles on my face, I
have to say that I never thought they'd be there. I thought I
would go, just as the doctors predicted, with a fresh face of
youth. I cuss my wrinkles, but at the same time, appreciate them!

Sigh... I am getting so weary of traveling to and fro the coast,
the city, the coast, the city. I threaten to sell my home in Oregon
City, and at the same time, hold it dear, and love the time with
my son and the solitary moments.

There is so much to do in two homes, and it echoes in my mind,
my neighbor, who said to me while discussing the option of owning
two homes, "Oh! I couldn't do it!"
"Oh! I couldn't do it!"
"Oh! I couldn't do it!"
I'm doing it, but the more I do it, the more I see
her point. It is hard. But lots of things are hard, yet worth

I travel one place and marvel at the changes of spring, and go
back to the other and hope I didn't miss anything!

It is my duty to spy the first gold finch, and last year, Bill
claimed that favor. Dang it! Just dang it! Last year, I totally
missed the cherry tree in bloom, here at the coast. I will NOT
miss that again! I missed it, due to my eyesight problem, and
having to be in the city, close to the doctor.

Body parts just break when you have marfan syndrome, and this
year I'm holding every part of me close to me, treating myself
a bit more tender, so that nothing will break and I won't miss
a thing!

The only thing worth risking that, is to catch my own spring chinook,
this year! If it wears me out, though, I'm handing it off to Bill.
He won't mind and I'll still get to sink my teeth into it! YUM!

I'll never forget the first fish I caught after I healed from
my dissection. I was so proud of me! I landed it, and sat down
on the jet pump seat repeating, "I did it! I did it! I did
it!" Never so happy! It had been quite a fear of mine, as
the doctors told me, "No salmon fishing!" But... what
is there to live for, without fishing? What, I ask you!?

(Edit: Bill says I must change this to "I
sat on the jet pump seat "cover." Well,
for heavens sake, no one sits on the jet pump, but OK. There it
is, Bill!)

It's off to the showers, and off to the city for me. I have an
appointment for my eyes, tomorrow. I can't wait to see if my eyesight
has improved. Last visit, it took a downward turn. It went from
20/40 to 20/100, and we are trying to figure out why.

The rain is falling softly, now, and before I leave, I must go
down the petal littered path to the church that I love best, (The
Kilchis river) to say goodbye... for a couple days is all. I hope
not to miss anything!

26, 2016

Oops. Went way too long without writing, but that doesn't mean I didn't think about writing! Yesterday, I so badly wanted to stop my busies, and write about how awesome it is to just be alive!

Today, though, I'm tired and sore, and I can't find those words! Just knowing, though, that I felt that way, gives me energy to push through, today!

Yesterday and the day before, except for my back, I felt good and got things done. I put up a hoop garden out back, here in Oregon City.

I have had this hoop garden since I lived... dang, did I have this hoop garden when I was married, 20 years ago? Somehow I think so, because I think Jeff helped me build it! That would be when I lived in Warrenton! Wow!

I put it up once in Tillamook, but I didn't have a raised garden, so it was more difficult. But, here in Oregon City, it works perfectly. Like a green house, and this year, my garden is going to be in on time! Yay! This year, I'm leaving the ground cover on, and cutting criss cross holes in it, to plant plants. This will hopefully cut down on weeding. We'll see how it works!

I leave it on all winter, and when I pulled off one of the tarps, there were potatoes growing, already! Like 20 plants of potatoes that I missed (that Willie missed!) last year. Willie digs for my potatoes for me and I suppose it's mostly my fault. He does the digging. I do the finding. Bad on me. It is nice, however, that I have a start on my potatoes!

I have a basket full of potatoes that I harvest in the Fall, and some of the little ones didn't get eaten. They had sprouted over the winter, so perfect! I planted those, and had enough, actually more than enough, to plant my entire potato garden! I didn't have to buy any starters, this year! And I had potatoes of all varieties! Black, gold, red, and plain russets. I can't wait!

So nice to be totally self sufficient. I didn't have to buy potatoes to eat, nor to plant! Yay!

I was standing at the seed aisle yesterday in the store, studying the carrot seeds. I found the Nantes carrots that I grew as a child and won at the state fair. I always plant Nantes, now. I thought, "Oh, man... with my eyesight, I can't plant carrots this year!" I thought to myself, "Now, there's an idea... take a seed and put them in a block of hard soil or something, for people who don't plant carrots singular well. I always have to thin them at a month or so, and it's so tedious. I end up pulling up the other carrots, and it's either too many in a row, or too few! I moved on to another seed display and there they were! Tiny seeds, sold in packets just like the others, but they are coated with bentonite clay! Perfect! I have to do my research, though. They said "organic" but I hope there is nothing poison about these seeds! They sure look easy to sow, though! Seeds for the sight impaired! Yay! But, I always think of inventions too late! Someone has already done it!

I can't say that about ifish, though! Ifish is my baby, and I thought of it, before anyone else! So, there!

Off to Saturday market! I'm on the search for early tomato plants, now that I have my greenhouse! I have searched three stores with no luck. Maybe I'm too early, this year?! Ha! That would be a first!

27, 2016


The angel said to the women, "Do not be afraid; for I know that you are looking for Jesus who has been crucified. 6"He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying. 7"Go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead; and behold, He is going ahead of you into Galilee, there you will see Him; behold, I have told you."…

Awesome! Simply awesome! Now, that
is what the word "awesome" is all about! "Awesome" is
used so casually, these days. I'm guilty of it, too, but I think we should
reserve the word "awesome" for Jesus! I do!

Or, maybe I'm wrong. Because when I look at a beautiful flower, or a pear
tree in bloom, I say "Awesome!" Jesus made those things, so perhaps
that's appropriate!

I remember like it was yesterday, when the kids were little, I was trying
to get across to them how "awesome" Jesus really is.

I got out all of their color crayons, paints, felt, paper, tissue paper, every
single arts and crafts supply that I had, and then I lay several fresh picked
flowers on the table, and told them to make one.

When they were done, I ooed and awed over their work, but then pointed out
the fresh flowers and asked them which one they liked best. Of course, they
chose the real ones. That day, I tried to teach them that no matter how hard
we try, we can't create things like God does.

I have to giggle, because David really took things to heart at that age. I
think he still does, actually. David seems to be tough on the exterior, but
lately I realize that he is probably cursed(?) with the same sensitivity that
I have.

Back then, we lived in a really neat house up on the South hills, overlooking
Young's Bay in Astoria. Sunsets were stunning! We had plate glass windows
all across the main floor, from your toes to the ceiling and 100 feet in width.
It was as if you could walk right out into the sky over the bay.

A few months after the flower creations, we were getting ready to go to an
evening school event, and David stood at the windows, as if in a trance. His
little nose pressed into the glass as his breath fogged a circle around those
deep, childhood thoughts. I had called him twice, to get into the car. Sighing,
I walked over and joined him. The sunset was especially breathtaking. There
were a million colors to the sky, rising from the trees over the water. His
words forever echo in my mind. With his deep little voice, he said, reverently,
"God sure has neat color crayons."

Out of the mouths of babes, and all that, it really sits with me, today.

I am so thankful to God for my vision. I have had 18 surgeries on my eyes.
I just learned that my retina is trying to detach in the eye that has given
me so much trouble. This is the eye that hemorrhaged, and was blind last year,
and that, as if by magic, was slowly restored so that I could see.

Why do I believe that Jesus rose from the dead? I have seen miracles, over
and over in my life. Miracles as unbelievable as someone being risen from
the dead. That's why.

I went from darkness to being able to see the blue sky, and the greenest of
green blades of grass! I can see the beautiful displays of brilliant apple
blossoms on the trees, and the deep red of a rose beginning to bloom!

The gifts that God bestows on us are so often taken for granted, when in fact,
they are often fleeting. My vision is AWESOME and I have no choice to have
learned that it is a gift. Not to be taken for granted!

My life is awesome! I have nearly lost it enough times to realize it's incredible
value. (-to myself, if no one else!!)

And today, I can walk! I know what it's like to use a wheelchair,and to try
to cook Christmas dinner with your head the level of the counter top! It's
tough to chop onions with the cutting board on your lap! It's frustrating!
-But today... I can walk! That is sooooo awesome! Awesome, dude!! LOL.

I guess it's OK to use the word awesome casually, because frankly, there are
so many things in life that are "casual" but yet awesome!

Today, on this Easter Sunday, let's be thankful for everything that is awesome!
Thank you, God, for my family, and for love, and for everything that God has
created with his most awesome color crayons!

30, 2016

Pickled Tink! My little olive greens are dashing back and forth
in front of my office window, building their nest in their little house! I'm
so excited! Spring is REALLY here, you guys! REALLY!

I'm so constantly amazed that spring is really here! Almost daily I'm breathless
over it because of something I see. Blossoms on the asian pear tree, or tiny
purple flowers peeking through the moss on the trees in the woods. The fact
that I can actually sit on a mossy tree and not get my rear end all wet! It's
dry! The grass is still wet. In fact, it's a rare day in any season that I
can walk through the grass in tennis shoes!

But... It's spring! Willie is more than excited, too. I've not seen him have
the wilders like this since... well, last spring!

Man, though, it sure is a news day on the fishing front.

First off, I hear that Motion
Marine is on fire?
! Read the news, here.
I am so sorry to hear this news! I hope everyone is alright!

Then, last night I read that they are now allowing two rod fishing on the
Willamette!. Read
Know that you must have a validation and they are available
for 21.50.

Then, the last bit of news, which is awful.... Tradewinds
Charters face multiple arrests
, and it sounds like they won't be in business,
anymore. Man, they were a major player. How sad. I remember them from when
I was little! I always wanted to go fishing, due to their signs and charter

Well, I'm off to play in the sunshine! Spring! Spring! Spring is here! (and
my heart is going dancing!)




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