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fair, yet so cold like a morning of pale Spring still clinging to Winter's
from The Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers (2002)

March 3, 2014

Rain, rain, rain. At least it's not freezing rain! I just received
a pop up alert on my ipad that the gorge, and as far in as East Portland is
getting a dose. Yuck! Snow is fine. Freezing rain? Well... it's pretty, sometimes,
but it sure is a mess!

I wonder what the rivers are doing? That reminds me, I haven't heard from
Bill in a couple days. That always worries me. I'll call him after this.

I'm ready to go back to the river, if it weren't banking and a couple other
errands, and the bank isn't open till tomorrow.

I have a cancer doc appointment, today. It kind of worries me. I have to get
that feeling out of me. I need to feel positive about this!

Alrighty, back to the rivers, to see how they are fishing... IF they are fishing.
I kind of doubt it!

March 5, 2014

I want to talk about moderating. May I have
a piece of your time?

Let's do it!

The community of ifish.net is bigger and busier all the time! I keep thinking
it will settle out, and membership will level off, but no! It grows and it
grows and it GROWS and it grows! Where it stops, no one knows!

But the tragic part of it is that Ifish.net could very easily drop off in
an instant and the site that you and I adore could become totally irrelevant.
That's the nature of the interwebs. It happens to so many sites! One day a
busy, thriving community, the next, a deserted, empty and dated discussion
board. Nightmare! I don't ever want to see that happen!

That is why it is vital to the community that as a reader and member we
use the alert button to let the mods and admins know about things
that drive people away.
A little lesson, for those that don't know:

The following is the alert button:

That's the button that gives you the power to privately report problems to
the mods and admins, thus, making ifish.net a better board for all of us.

This is the way you can mold ifish to be what you'd like it to be.

You will find the alert button

below and to the left of every post on the discussion

If you see an AUP (Acceptable
Use Policy
) infraction, please use the alert

button to tell the mods and admins about it! Please! Alert things like name
calling, politics, the wrong forum, any housekeeping item that will make ifish
a better, more organized and family friendly place to be!

If two people are arguing, if folks are name calling, hijacking the thread
to another topic- or if people are trolling, tick on that alert button below
the post that is the problem. A pop up text area will come up. Type in the
reason you see for the alert, and finally, tick "send report".

Alert button-Easy button!

This way, the mods and the admins can fix it, so that ifish is a better board
for all of us!

As mods and admins, we used to write a personal thank you to everyone who
wrote in to
(alert) us of an
AUP (Acceptable
Use Policy
) infraction. We did that
not only to sincerely thank you for your help, but to encourage you to keep
it up!

We are so busy lately, though!

We are thinking of disposing of the thank you's for a bit, while we concentrate
on more and more
(alert)s. I
hate like heck to do that, but we are finding that it is taking way too long
to get through our work so that we, too, can enjoy the board. Please know
that although we may not initially thank you, we know who you are and we appreciate
you so much!

As an aside, if you are ever interested in helping us out as moderators, please
use the contact us button, and let us know! (I will be writing about what
it takes to become a good moderator in a future column.)

In my humble opinion, it takes a pro active community to run a great board.
That means that you need to be involved. Not only in posting, but by reporting
posts that don't fit in, or break our rules. You can also (please!) alert
spelling errors on topic titles. We can't change all spelling errors, but
topic titles are important, in my humble opinion!

We need you, the reader, to alert problems that you see that we will probably
miss. The mods and admins, who have the power to make these changes to the
website, don't even get to read the boards much, any more! We are spending
our "ifish time" responding to, and fixing AUP infraction alerts.
So, we don't see these problems, unless you alert them to us.

I think it's funny sometimes when a reader will have gotten a warning about
something or another and he sees someone else doing it. We'll get an alert
saying, "He does it! How come you let him do it, and not me?!" Or,
the nastier version... something like this, "Oh! I get it! You are totally
unfair and inconsistent!" Argh...

I'll tell you why we didn't do anything about "his" infraction.
We didn't see it! We didn't know it was there at all!

Most likely, a member of ifish alerted your AUP infraction, and we took care
of it. They didn't see the other one, either!
Again... we don't get to read the board to find all problems.
You do! So you get to alert us!! So, if you see someone else doing what you
were warned about, please let us know! We aren't picking on you. We are trying
to do our job. Don't accuse us of being unfair! We probably won't see it,
unless someone alerts it!

I wish it were different! I wish we could read ifish more freely! I wish we
could be totally consistent!

We are committed to doing our best to answer the alerts we get.

Many people don't like the idea of using the alert button, and see it as "tattling"
on others. I understand that.

But, as I tell each person who says that, "No one will know but the mods
and the alerter." You can be part of the problem, or you can be part
of the solution. (You can even be both!)

I almost want to say that it is your responsibility to use that alert button.
Yep. I'm going to say that! It takes a village to make a good web site!

I'll write more about all this later. This is enough for now. I just hope
you'll get 'fuzzy and familiar' with that alert button!

We have some regular alerters and we are so thankful for them. They are the
first people we look at, when inviting new moderators into the group! I hope
that I remember to thank those regulars, especially!

We often tell folks who want to be a moderator to start alerting things that
they see as problems. A good alerter will be a good mod, and you will become

So, off I go. It's a rainy, windy day at the coast, and a good day to use
that alert button! Thank you so much!

March 11,


fair, yet so cold like a morning of pale Spring still clinging to Winter's

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002

Let me tell you about Spring. It's here! And my heart is going

I love Spring! It brings hope and a fresh outlook on everything! I feel like
a battle has been won when we get through the worst of winter, and head into

I love it! There are tiny plants popping out of the ground and green sprouts
popping out of dead looking branches on the trees. Oh, I love those! And Daphne!
Have you had your dose of Daphne yet? Make sure if you buy a Daphne plant,
that you get the older type, the "odura". The other is pretty, but
it doesn't smell good! What an imposter! I bought one and nursed it along
and it doesn't smell! I'm so sad about that. So, I bought another, and this
one smells awesome! It's struggling, but I think I finally have my dose of
Daphne for Spring.

I picked just one sprig and placed it in my car for the trip to the coast.
Oh, man! It filled my car and then some!

The other day, I got down on my hands and knees on the forest floor and I
found the most interesting things emerging from the mossy carpet! There were
things tiny, space-looking golden globes just above the moss that I had never
seen before! Bizarre looking plants. I'm watching as they grow, wondering
what on earth they will become! Flowers? Something? Nothing at all?

Yesterday, I was sitting in my car, overlooking Tillamook bay, and the entire
place was peaceful and still. Not one boat, as far as I could see! But, I
saw hope in that 'thar water! In my mind's eye, I imagined Springers under
the tiny, dipping waves, (How many? Any? A thousand? Whoo!) and as I fell
into a sort of dream, (no, I wasn't driving!) boats popped up, until the bay
was covered in tiny rocking boats, just like I've seen on a busy springer
fishing day! Nets flew and my heart began to race! I can't wait!

I had come from the bay beach off of the merchant dock in Garibaldi. I love
spending time, there. I'm absolutely sure that's where I'm going to find my
treasure from Japan. I'm watching for it! Whether it be a candy wrapper with
Japanese writing, or a piece of wood off of a boat, I'm going to find something!
I walk, with my eyes glued to the sand. broken shells and flat pebbles that
collect, there.

Willie loves it, there. He chases after things without any goal of catching
them. He stops with no reason and digs in the sand. I jumped in surprise as
a man sitting on a log, enjoying a short burst of Spring sunshine says, "I've
never seen more happiness in a dog!" I hadn't seen him and I was a bit
shocked, but I managed a response."That's for sure!"

There is an artist type guy who comes to this beach and has claimed a huge
tree stump that has washed up. It is larger than a small car! He has claimed
it as his own creation. He changes it, he paints it, he hammers jewels deep
into the wood, and metal studs poke out in curious design.

Nearly every time I visit, the tree stump has changed. It has metal letters
hammered into it that state his love for someone special.

The flip side of the artist type come to the beach, also, to destroy his latest
work. The jewels in the log disappear and the letters or ripped, torn, or
missing. Rotten, angry language attack the artists work by way of paint or
campfire burn.

But, the artist simply returns to assuage the damage and bring love and life
back to the beach. It's an evolution that is very interesting to watch. It
is always changing! Last I saw, the log says "Enjoy! Don't Destroy!"
Oh, that one will really disturb the disturbed!

I met the artist, once. I had been watching the evolution of the big old,
tree stump. It's the perfect walking distance on the beach for me, and is
my turn around point. It was the first time I had seen someone there, and
my first thought was, "Aha! The people who destroy!" I walked up
to him, with the intent to shame the creeps! But, it was the artist! I was
so honored to meet him!

In the winter months, the log doesn't change as much as in the summer, so
with Spring's arrival, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter of what
is to come! There is so much mystery and hope in Spring! What will yours bring?

March 13,

Oh, my goodness, but what a lot of exclamation points in my
last column! It got tedious, I was so sickeningly 'exclaimed!" Spring
hits me like that, though. It has been one long stretch of winter, hasn't
it? The sunshine hit me like a great big "!"

This morning the sky is that same blue, true, 'dream of a sky', and I can't
wait to get out there. There are little white strips of clouds, though. The
beginning of the end of it, for a while, I hear. Rain returns to the Pac Northwest
until the next period of "!"sunshine"!"

I just peaked at the forecast and it looks like a week or more of the wet
stuff, coming. Darn. This sunshine really brought out !!!! Sickeningly so!

I can't find it, but there's a long run of entries in my journal, years back...
one in particular that I recall, where I felt guilty for fishing so much.
I had more fun, but yes, there was guilt there, too! I abandoned anything
I should have done. Bill's truck would be revving in the driveway, and we'd
be off. I was full of guilty giggles and salmon filets.

I was a lazy Mother, an absent host on ifish, a rotten house keeper, but,
man, was I fishing machine! It was a joke between Bill and I. If we were bored
in the boat and not getting immediate bites, we'd say, "But, if we caught
another, what would we do with it?" Our freezer was full. But, as soon
as we'd say that, our rod tip would go down! I've got to try that, again.
But, those pesky fish are smart. They'd know it to be a lie!

A couple memories that strike me... We would be fishing for salmon, back trolling
wrapped kwikfish and we'd have a double. They'd probably be chum, but no one
knew, until we fought the trolling motor and two fish on, until we brought
them both to hand. We'd be laughing, so hard that it was difficult to do any
of the tasks, let alone all of them!

Another time found us in the pouring down hail and rain, but the bite was
so good neither of us wanted to leave. We soaked through an old poncho that
hadn't been used in years. It wasn't rain proof, but it was all we had! We
were totally soaked to the bone and freezing, but we didn't care. Now, that's

I really miss that kind of fishing, but how to get back in the groove?

I think the main problem is that the fish just aren't as available as they
once were, and it makes it really hard to get dialed in.

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to be a guide, these days. But, I
see people like David Johnson, and he's still pulling it off, bringing daily
catches of fish in with happy customers. Talk about dialed in!

Hey! I think that's what we need. Since we lack the motivation to go out and
find those fish ourselves, perhaps a week of guided fishing may be in store!
If only I could afford that!

I'm sure that between Bill and I, we had several days of hunting fish, before
we brought in fish. So, maybe hire the guides that have done the fishless
research, and let them take us to where the fish are! It's cheating, but at
my age, who cares?

I need that boost into the world of fishing, again! A guided trip, every day
on a different river would refresh my confidence. That's what it takes! Confidence!

I'll never forget Stan Fagerstrom's forever mantra, "Expect a fish with
every cast!" Yeah! That! That sacred utterance filled with spiritual
fish power!

I'm going to go out to the Kilchis this afternoon and expect a fish with every
cast. I'll let you know how I do!

If I come back with tons of "!!!!" you will know!

March 14, 2014

It's just true. Good things happen to people who
are thankful.

I'm not reporting any great fish catches, although I gave it my

I didn't catch. I did cast!

I'm still going to fill my columns with exclamation points, though!!!

I was walking on the river bed, head down, as usual, and began
to sing what came naturally to me. "His name is wonderful!
His name is wonderful! His name is wonderful, Jesus my Lord!"
I love that song!

It's not Willie's favorite song, as it's not fast nor zippy. Not
a good tune to run to. (He ran, anyhow.) But, I was in a thankful
mood. A peaceful mood.

The very minute I began to sing, though, I spotted this most awesome
rock! It looked sort of like these.


Click to zoom

There is this type of rock that I find on the river that are
crystal, sparkly and beautiful! The pictures never reveal their true beauty.
They are as white and sparkly as the white foam that rides the current on
the dipping waves of the river. You know the ones! The ones that ride up and
down on the current like carousel ponies? :)

These agates, or rocks or whatever they are, have these small round bumps
on them. See above. They are white, and sparkle like all get out. They are
never large. At least, I've never found a big one. I would die to know how
these are formed, and what the scientific name of them are! Anyone? I'm sure
it's a type of quartz, but why the little bumps?

I have a small display rack of them on my bathroom counter over the sink.
These are my most special rocks.

Actually, I grade them! The ones over the sink are the best. There aren't
as many, and I have to constantly trade them out, as the rack is fairly small.
As I find the newer best ones, others have to go to the larger rack of grade
ll! Bill makes me sort through them and reduce them to only the very best,
as he's afraid that the rack will break under the weight!

Then, there is a glass canister by the door of grade lll rocks. The grade
lV and below go on the pathway to the river, but every high water, I lose
a few.

Most of my special rocks I can thank someone for. I do believe that Andrew,
my deceased son is responsible for helping me to find many of them, and I
can pick out and show you which ones. Does that sound strange?

But, I can tell you what I was doing when I found each and every one of my
most special rocks!

I can tell you that I believe with my entire heart that Jesus helped me to
find this rock, and therefore, it is extra special! It's me God rock! :)

I really feel like I was being rewarded somehow, that it is a gift for my
peaceful, thankful attitude, yesterday! That God was telling me that life
can be good, even though there are terrible heartbreaks that happen to us
all. You know, like losing my son.

But, life is still good.

I believe that God wants each and every one of us to be happy, to have everything
in life that we ever wanted, if only we believe and if only we try to be the
very best that we can be. To love each other, and to be thankful for one another,
no matter what.

March 17, 2014

It's that green day and I didn't even realize it! Good thing
that it's early enough for me to wear something green and to get some green
food coloring for 'me green mashed taters! Aye! Maybe some green beer, too,
since David likes beer. I'm not so much a fan, but hey- we have to celebrate!
If there is any reason to celebrate, by golly, we are doing it! And if that
means drinking beer, then I'm going to do that, too!

Phew! I think we've made it! We have made it through winter!

No matter how many years I do Ifish.net, Iforget.net! I forget that in the
cold, dark, rainy months of winter, people get grouchy! They snap at one another
and my mailbox grows full of alerts of personal attacks and spats on the board.
The mod board is busy and stressful!

I'm always shocked in the spring time, when the weather turns nice and my
mailbox is empty. Is it broken? Is my mail not directed correctly? What? I
worry, but then-

Oh! It's Spring Time! (The ringy ringy ring time, birds sing, hey ding! a
dinga ding!) -and no body has time nor reason to bicker, because they are
all outside fishing... where they should be!

We have a blue true dream of sky where everything is green and lush and yesssss.....
(Oh, how I love E.
E. Cummings
!) Read that poem! I love it!

Anyhow, I'm glad. I'm glad that you are happy. Spread it around! It is so
infectious! It dances from one to another, those leaping greenly spirts of

Do something nice for someone, today and see for yourselves! Say something
nice to someone on the board, and spread it even further! What comes natural
(kindness) is so much easier when the sun shines!

March 20, 2014

I'm writing this with the last little bit of endurance that
I have!

My stupid eye... I shouldn't say that, as I'm so thankful for my vision, but...
IT HURTS so much! I don't know what it is, but I really should go get it looked
at. AGAIN.

I've probably had what? 15 surgeries on my eye? I don't know, but I have had
many surgeries! I'm finally to the point that I have dreamed of, my entire

I recall sitting in bed as a very young child in this small blue room. It
was summer time, and the entire room was a blur of blue paint and yellow sunshine,
streaming in the window. I must have been around five or six.

I remember so clearly thinking how awesome it would be to see things when
I woke up, without trying to find my glasses on the sewing machine, which
acted as my night stand. I just wanted so badly to see first thing in the
morning, without my glasses like my Mom did, and like all my brothers and
sisters did. What would it be like to open your eyes in the morning, and be
able to see?!

I held that song that played on my little radio, close to heart- "I can
see clearly now, (the rain is gone.)"

Well, I know what it's like now! How awesome is that?!

Most people get older and have declining vision. Not mine! Mine is better
than ever! It's not like your vision, not like regular vision, but I can open
my eyes and see without my glasses and see clearly, now! Whoo hooo!

The only problem is that sometimes the places where they cut into me hurt
so badly!

With a connective tissue disorder, sometimes the tissue doesn't heal where
there was a wound. So, where they cut into me, there are still holes in my
eyes and they HURT! They call them "blebs" and I have several! I
have holes in my eye! LOL.

Some docs say that it is because those blebs dry out and have trouble staying
wet and lubricated. Some say that they don't know why they hurt, but regardless,
I'll tell you, they hurt!

It hurts worse when I have to spend too much time on the computer, so people!
Please be nice on the board, today and don't cause the mods too much work!
I hurt!

So, with that said, I'm going out to the beautiful back porch to soak up some
of that beautiful green that I see out there! You know, the bazillion colors
of green, the beautiful pink blossoms on the trees, and the everything that
is wet, misty and SPRING! The cool, damp Spring air feels so good on my eyes!

(I mowed the lawn, yesterday and it's beautiful!)

(now the ears of my ears awake and

now the eyes of my eyes are opened)

March 21, 2014

Oh, my word, talk about pain. I was really in a fit, yesterday.
Eye pain is the abs worst! I felt like I had something in my eye that was
constantly stabbing me, all day.

ER didn't have anyone that could figure out what to do for me. I mean, imagine
as a regular doc/surgeon looking into a normal looking gal's eye and seeing
the remnants of 15 eye surgeries. Little holes that the eye docs call "blebs"
all over the place. Hm? What is a good doc to do?

Casey Eye didn't have one doc in, yesterday afternoon, of course. Just my
luck! So, I have an appointment, today.

Eye injuries heal extremely fast. I'm better, today. Not great, but better.
So, I'm going in to see what they say, just so that I can be assured that
I won't have to travel back there, soon. I'll be traveling to Tillamook and
I'd hate to have to head right back here.

I feel like I'm on the longest stretch of good health that I've been on, in
ages. It's been nearly two years since I've been in the hospital. In some
ways, I feel like my time is up, and in others, I feel like maybe I'll be
fine forever, now!!! (Yeah, the latter!) I've paid my dues!

Oh! We are in for a true blue dream of sky, this weekend!

Every day spent in Oregon City reminds me of everything this house needs to
have done to it. The garden! The lawn! The weeds! Oh, my! And then, to Tillamook
and the garden! The lawn! The weeds! Oh, my!

I do love outdoors work, and I'm really excited about the sunshine! There
are fish being caught in the Willamette! Life is good!

March 25,

I have to run Willie at least three times a day. It's imperative,
if he's not going to drive us crazy! A tired dog is a good dog, and boy oh
boy-- if he isn't tired, he is a pain!

Thank God for my son, David, as he takes shift two and three, when I'm staying
in Oregon City. I couldn't do it, and I couldn't handle Willie, without it!

We have learned every field in which we can run Willie and every park in which
we can't.

When I'm at the coast, Willie can and does go outside on his own. It's a 'Disney
Land for Dogs', here, and he loves it. There is digging and swimming and running,
oh my!

He still drives me bonkers with the whinies, though.

The very minute I set down my fork after dinner, he knows. Man, but dogs have
their schedules down pat. It's that time! I feel like the darn post office!
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers
from the swift completion of their appointed rounds!

So true, and so obnoxious. He won't give for anything! I am his master, yet
I feel like his employee. If I go for even a half cup of coffee after dinner,
he paces and whines and I want to bonk him!

So, I go sit out in the rain with an umbrella, or two raincoats and a hat,
in weather I wouldn't even fish in, while I sing songs and he runs laps. Pheh.
What is going on, here? What have I created?

Then, it's down to the river to dig some holes while I count his sand push
ups. He has this thing where I shine a light and he pounces on the sand. "One,
Two," All the way to "Fifty!" He is so strong!

I'm still singing songs from Christmas, too. The neighbors, I'm sure, think
I'm plum crazy, and I'd have to agree. "He flies round the field with
the greatest of ease" only goes so long. He needs "Outside the snow
is falling and friends are calling, "Yooo hoooo!" You know it's
lovely weather for a sleigh ride together, with you!" Oh, Willie! Must

Yes. I must and I do. (You hooo)

I just accomplished the morning run, and then it was inside to dry off and
get his treat. A treat!? What for? Driving Mom Crazy?

I'm sick. I should be in bed. But, like I said, I can't be in bed. Willie
needs to run, so I drag, sniveling and sneezing through the sloppy rain and
muddy fields singing, "Giddeeyap, Giddeyap, Giddeyap, let's go! (Sniff,
cough, cough) Let's look at the show!"

I have to smile, just a bit. I guess he's keeping me alive. His tail wags,
and I've never seen such pure, unadulterated happiness in my life. He knows
all the words to all the songs, and if I change them up a bit, he gets really

My newest is "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a
fateful trip, That started from this tropic port, aboard this tiny ship."
Oh, Willie. Dear Willie, what have you done to me?

And thank you, Dear Flipper, for this last...

"His name is Willie, Willie, Willie the Springer... He is so fine. I'm
glad he is mine. His name is Willie, Willie, Willie the springer! Willie the
Springer, and he is mine!"

You should see his tail!

March 29,

I found out what those agates I find that are my very favorite
are! A member of ifish wrote in that they are Druzy
. (Scroll down to the white ones)

I have
linked it
, for your interest!

Those are the ones! Yes!)



I have been collecting agates since I was a kid. When I first
got married, I hooked my (now) ex on collecting agates. We lived at Gleneden
beach and we'd spend hours on our knees on the beach, searching for agates.
When we'd finally look up, hours later, we'd be miles away from home! I loved
those days!

But, I'm still doing it, and here he is, wealthy and successful, or some stupid
thing. I bet he's envious! I'm still poor and collecting agates! LOL

I heard he just got back from Europe. Well, I found Druzy Quartz, so there!

I took the snow icons down. I love doing that, each Spring! I do love my snow
pics, and it's equally fun to put up when the weather is right, but now?

I'm looking forward to sun! If you don't know what I'm talking about, does
this ring a bell?


Time for Spring!

I do love Spring! I was having fun noticing the extreme greens
all around me, yesterday while on a walk in the woods with the Wilster. (My

Those wet green leaves slapped me in the face, while walking down the trail.
They were so thick and healthy! I swear if I were a vegetarian, I wouldn't
hesitate to take a bite, without even knowing if they were poison. They appeared
so thick and healthy- like a juicy, fresh veggie steak! Mmmm!

Weird thought, I know, but those were my thoughts!

Could we all use a dose of sunshine? How long till the weather clears up?

It sure is scary around here, with the chance of landslides. I don't think
I'd even be aware of that risk, if it weren't for the news of late. What a
terrifying, awful experience those people have gone through! Nature can be
so frightening! It makes me feel so tiny to think the mountains that I adore,
that tower around me, could simply give way. Yikes! And we are surrounded!

So silly, though, to worry about such things, because we all have to go, sometime,
so? Enjoy life! Get out there! NO FEAR!

I simply cannot wait till the Spring Chinook show around here. I'm so past
ready to hook into something like that! The thought of it is driving me mad,
lately! Do you even know how long it's been since I've hooked fish? Oh, my

And to think I used to post 'guilt' columns apologizing to both the mod crew
and to the ifishers, because I was constantly out fishing! I, Jennie Logsdon
Martin was dialed in!

Now, I read posts on ifish of the thousands of others out there, dialed in
and catching fish, daily.

It is my goal to get back to where I was! Back to the fishing days of old!
I will get there! Join me! It's never too late!


Those were the days, my friend,

(And they will never end!)

March 31,

Tis the day before the fools Day! Beware! What will become of
you, this year?

Remember way back, when
I did this?

That was fun! That was a lot of work to get folks to write those articles
and put it together! I wish I had something fun, this year! I still have time...

An ifish member sent me a link to a nastygram thread on some other board that
appears to be full of banned ifish members, complaining about ifish.

You know, I usually don't go to those sites when they are brought to my attention,
but without thinking, I clicked the link. Hoh boy!

If it had been even partial truth, I'd have been interested, maybe even insulted,
but not one thing in the "awful Jennie" part was familiar to me.
As the story goes, once upon a time I rented a house on the Kilchis, and then
had Bill move in, or something like that. An entire Harlequin novel about
(Hey! I'm famous!) me, that I had no clue ever happened to me! Oh, what a
good story they spun!

People are just so misinformed, and haters 'gonna' hate.

The internet can be a fascinating and educational place. A day doesn't go
by that I google something that I want to know. You just have to be so careful
what you believe, and what source you get things from, from medical information,
to reviews for products and restaurants. Most often reviews are written by
people who have something bad to say. The people who have good reports seldom
go out of their way to write about it. That's too bad, isn't it!?

When someone gets banned from ifish, or otherwise infracted, sometimes I don't
even know that the person is having troubles, but you can be sure that I'll
be the one who will take the blame for that action.

Even if I were to quit ifish all together. If I walked away today, and never
came back, and in a year or so someone were banned, I'd be the one to get
the hate mail. I'd be the one blamed, even if I weren't moderating or admin-ing!

There is a team of over 20 people behind the scenes at ifish who have the
tools to initiate part time or permanent dismissal from ifish.

No one person has the permission to do it, without If I wanted to bring back
someone who was previously banned, I can't do that on my own, either. At least
without other moderator votes that agree with my idea of reinstatement.

I like that I'm not the all powerful voice behind ifish. Trying to convince
someone that this is true, however, is a whole different beast! People just
have it in their minds that it's all about me, and all my fault.

People have it in their minds that I once a welfare Mommy, who had a rented
house on the Kilchis, and that Bill was the brains behind marketing the site.

It is true, you know. I read it on the internet! I have certainly learned
that people will think what they want to think, and there is not one darn
thing you can do about it. So, it just doesn't matter, now, does it? I just
go about living my life the way I live it, and not worry about what others
think. It's just not worth my time and it's certainly not worth being upset

I'd mutter that old saying, "I just can't win", but the funny thing
is that regardless of all this misinformation! still feel like I've won!

I just plain can't think of living a better life than I've been blessed to
live. I'm alive! --and other than a couple awful events, (my son dying, being
one of them) I wouldn't go back and change a day of it!




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