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Makin\' Waves

Just got my latest issue of Makin' Waves yesterday, the RFA quarterly newsletter. WOW! Looks like we are getting some serious attention this quarter! Here are a list of articles about northwest fish/issues.

1) ODFW Nearshore Groundfish interim plan article
2) Fish Passage Plan/Sandy Basin Dam Removal
3) Oregon: Fisheries enhancement via fish culture (long article!)
4) Salmon Farms, reprinted from The Reel News
5) Lake Washington Sockeye fishery

I am very pleased and impressed. In fact, I will have to admit that I no longer assume fish farming is such a horrible venture! (shut up DanS )

To top it all off.... the picture on the back cover is none other than...... drum roll please!

Washington RFA Co-Chair Mike Gilchrist with a nice fall chum! You sneaky handsome devil you! Is that Hoodsport? Way to go and a big thumbs up to you (and Phil I think?) for getting us some serious national attention!

Recreational Fishing Alliance
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