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Went to South Beach for a couple days, and brought the boat. Also brought the salmon gear just in case. Well the fish gods were smiling on Saturday morning and I made my first bar crossing in my 19' Duckworth.

I think I was pretty well prepared, had the boat ready to go, had a vhf radio with me along with a veteran who has crossed tons of times as my co-pilot. He began baiting the rods as we were running out, slowly and I on the way out of the jetty kept asking him where were the big waves. Nothing to speak of, hit the ocean on a 4-5 ft swell and no wind chop.

Ran out a couple miles and started fishing, 10 minutes later first take down, Dad grabs the pole and sets the hook, fish gone... several more take downs lost count at 7 or so, then rod down and peeling. Fish to the boat, clipped... in it goes.

Around 1 hour later, and several more missed fish, we get #2, a native. Got to play this one as I was at the back of the boat chumming.. oh well... seems to get me every time. 5 minutes later 3rd fish, in clipped in it goes.

So for 13 takedowns, we get 3 fish to the boat 2 keepers. By this time the wind is picking up so we run back in. A little bumpy, and my stomach is still off, but all in all a good first trip.

They were both nice coho, 10 lbs for 1 and 11 lbs for the other. The native was probably 8-9 and was released quickly. Saw a lot of fish questionably handled. Try and id them in the water if you can to make the net not necessary...

We crabbed on Sunday and fished for perch, pretty slow for the big perch but did manage a couple out of the bay and 10 crab. Nice feast.


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