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Just got back from looking at the lower Cowlitz right here in the town of Longview and it looks great!

Might not last with this rain anticipated but it is looking good for today for anyone wanting to try for late strain coho and there should be some bright chinook around also.

Lots of bank access and plenty of boat and bank room.

Got to get going because we are going to see if there are any fish to be had.

Banker's might try fishing Riverside Park at the lower end where the dike road comes to a fence.
You will see a nice gravel beach there and that is where me and Sturgeon Dave killed them a couple weeks ago. (You'll be looking at some power lines 50 yards or so down stream).

Up river from there about a mile or two a place we call the Lexington hole you can park along the dike where you see the side road and sign for New Song Church is also a great hole and there is clearings right there where that street is located.

Boaters need to put in down below at gearheart Gardens or up above at Camelot.

The river should have lots of chrome coho in it right now.
Will report back later.


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Sorry Brad.
I posted and was out the door. Email me your phone #'s again because they are on my PC and I'm not sure when I'm going to hook it up again.
Pretty soon I hope unless the bite picks up! :grin:

The Cowlitz was dead and freezing cold for us at least.
Hit some of our favorite holes and only saw two fish role all morning.
Very few anglers fishing and no one we talked to which included one sled had touched anything.
A very big dissapointment over last year.

However I talked to Brad tonight and one of the guys I got fishing wiggler's last year came in and caught an adult or two and a few jacks and was pretty jazzed.
I'm going to have to get a hold of Steve and see where he found them because it was dead!

I talked Dave into taking his boat out about 2:00PM and taking a ride with me to a hole I had just heard about on one of my favorite rivers that somehow I had never heard about before.
We eventually got there about 4:00PM after he questioned me several times if we had enough time to drive there and fish and he wasn't set up for egg fishing.

I assured him I had the hooks, eggs, etc. and even though we wouldn't have time to explore that hole and maybe fish another favorite hole of mine both, we would enjoy the drive and accomplish checking out the hole in question and maybe catch something.
I felt good about the prospects of the hole knowing the river real well and the current water conditions.

Finally found the hole (if it was indeed the right one) and I started drifting eggs through the riffle.
Nothing. Not even a fish rolling.
Dave decides to cross upstream and come down and fish the froggy water accross from me.
First cast, FISH!
I for some reason was 'bout in shock!
He was using a Brad's Wiggler #29 that we had thrown all morning in the Cowlitz without a bite.
This was small water for wiggler fishing.
He lands the small hen and two cast later he yells, FISH.
I says; you got to be kidding. He laughs and says no.
I tell him; "you're limited out". "Just that fast".
He says the limit is only two here? Yep! Now I'm laughing.
Gets it to the bank and the wiggler comes flying out of his mouth. Now I'm laughing again. :grin: No, not really.

Well you probably guessed by now that I grab my other rod and am heading over to the other side of the river! The heck with the eggs!

I get over there and he hooks another fish and it decides it doesn't particullary like the taste of the BW-29's and says; ODIOS!

I forgot to mention he lost one tine, prong, point or whatever you might call it on each of his treble hooks on the first fish. Good VMC hooks but it happens occassionally.

Now it's my turn (if you remember my last story of fishing with Dave, he isn't too good about sharing sometimes :grin: ) and I yell; FISH ON!

She was a dandy. All 4 fish were chromers and this was 14-15 pounds of chrome hen.
Dave comes over to help me land it because of the steep bank there and I notice this peculliar fin on her lower back. DARN!

She was a real beauty and even though she had both treble hooks keeping her mouth buttoned shut (like I would have liked to have done with my ex-wife) we released her with very little to no fuss.
She was very cooperative (for a female). :grin:

And that was it!
I hiked and fished down stream through the next 3 or 4 riffles very quickly still not convinced we had found the right hole and nothing.
Got back and Dave had not had another bite.
It was getting close to dark and I suggested we split and drive further down stream and take a look.

Tomorrow we will hit it at first light and I figure we will take at least one fish out of there and then we will fan out and fish/hike up & down stream in hopes of finding another good hole or two.

Talked to Earl (SteelheadSlayer) tonight on the phone and he will show up around 9:30ish and I will show him a couple spots that produce at low water that he hasn't fished before.
Should be fun the three of us fishing, exploring and just goofing off.

Today plan "A" didn't produce (except for frostbite :grin: but plan "B" or "C" turned out to be rather fun and a good future prospect.
Think it will be good for winters also.


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Dan, I have never fished the Cowlitz. I am in a 16' boat with 60 HP prop and 8 HP kicker. Not a sled. Can you suggest a ramp to get me started learning the river? Directions from Vancouver would help. I do not know where Gearharts or Camelot are located. Thanks.

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Dan, great report and pic. Guess we'll have to start referring to you guys as the "3 Amigoes" - You, Dave, and Dave's fish. :grin:

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Hello Dan,
Thanks for your post. It is nice that you contribute great (specific) info. that us rookies can use. Good Fishin'!!!
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