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All three have late strain coho and should be good for another couple weeks and produce some mint bright coho throughout the rest of this month.
The NF Lewis and Washougal have late’s also but I don’t fish them much and am not going to include them.

Fished the Elocoman for about an hour today as Brad Schoenborn was taking his brother in law fishing for an hour or so.
Didn’t figure the fishing would be too good with the way the water was dropping a couple days ago when I fished it last.
Had Brad drop me off at a hole I discovered a couple years ago that was productive when the upper river shut down due to low water and/or lack of fish.
I had kind of forgotten just how to hike into the hole and came out a bit upstream from it and fished that shallow slot anyway.
4th or 5th drift and I found me a taker that I wished I had not.
Released the dark early buck, enough of that and on down to the hole I went.
After a couple minutes I had figured out how to fish the hole and I had a bright one on and thought “right on”, got me a nice one and there aren’t going to be many of them around.
Then I saw a dark stripe(s) and said; “what the …” A Chum?
Sure enough I caught my first chum ever in the Elocoman.
Don’t think I ever saw one caught there before but did see an old one cruising the bank of one of the holes there a couple weeks ago.
It had an adipose and I don’t know whether you can keep them or not in the Elocoman so I carefully released it and off he went.
He was a really bright chum and he ate the eggs.
3 or 4, half a dozen cast later and fish on and it was a bright adult. Figured it was going to come off. I was over due!
She stuck and didn’t give up much of a fight and on the bank she went.
Couple more cast and a jack bit the dust.

Gave the hole a rest after a few non-productive drifts and went down to the next hole which is a deep one for the Elocoman and figured it would cough up a fish.
Should have stayed up at the other hole.
Brad and Mick (his brother in law) showed up and I was kind of disappointed that we were going to leave so soon.
They only got into some red dudes (old early’s) up above as I suspected.

That hen really surprised me how red her meat was.

So the Elocoman is really low but there are some fish in there if a person wants to work for them.
Eggs is the ticket! Too low for spinners I think.
By the way, the hot secret cure was a little Sure Cure and a little Pro Cure mixed together.
I don’t know how I am managing to catch all these fish without Amermans eggs? :grin: :wink:

Went and looked at the lower Cowlitz and it is beginning to clear up but there is rain on the way.
A real shame and I fear we might loose a great under fished fishery this year because of too much of a good thing. Rain!
Last year I got everyone and their brother casting Brad’s Wiggler’s from the bank and boats right here in downtown Longview and everyone was catching and having a ball.
Plenty room, plenty fish.
We’ll see what happens and if it clears now and we don’t get blown out thanks to the ash laden Toutle, it will be smoking hot.
Last year at this time I caught several 2 and 4 fish limits and sometimes I returned to Bob’s right down the street from what I named the “Hudson Hole” after 20 minutes of fishing with 2 chromers.
This year is a whole different ball game.
If it clears and we don’t get too much rain, I will invite whomever to once again get together next weekend and go catch some fish both on the bank and in boats.

For tomorrow I really think the Elocoman tidewater might be a worthwhile bet and the Cowlitz above the Toutle.
The lower Cowlitz might even be clear enough tomorrow to be productive.

The Kalama will probably be slow but might be worth a try casting plugs down in tidewater near the sportsman club or casting plugs, spinners or eggs in the main river.
It looked real good yesterday when I stopped by there as far as clarity and height, but didn’t look fishy (lack of fish).

Wished I had more or better news to report but we seem to be in kind of a lull due to too much and not enough water in some places and maybe just a matter of run timing on the Kalama.
But there is fish to catch and I usually can find them by resorting to plan “B” or “C” or “D” if I need to.

Tackle selection is simple:
Couple of Brad’s Wiggler’s (#29 & #08)
Eggs (Any cure will catch them – just got to present it in front of them)!
Spinners – Your normal selection including the popular vibrax. I use a home made version of the chartreuse “Flash Glo” and it has produced as well as anything else I have seen in the last 3 or 4 years I have used it.

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we went north a little farther dan and caught some huge coho ( mostly native and turning pinkish ) but here is a pic of a fish my wife battled for 10 minutes before i got it netted unhooked and ready to go back. this pig was easily 20#.

here is a pic of one we had to keep, he had swallowed the wiggler and was bleeding bad when he came to the net.
( some washingon rivers allow you to keep one wild coho, check your regs ) it was a great day for us..

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You can't fool me bug flicka, that's the Siletz River in the background! :grin:

Nice fish!

Went to the Naeselle the other day and all I caught was a chinook.
I wanted to kill me a wild coho there but not fortunate enough.
Brad turned loose a wild coho down stream from me before I got there because he wasn't sure you could keep one in the Naeselle.
But you can.

Here's a quote I posted on the Eagle creek thread earlier:

Awefull late for Clack/Eagle creek coho.
They are basically a September to mid October strain.
Can't imagine finding anything of any quality this time of year and trying to get them to bite is another story.

If you want quality coho you need to go to SW Washington and fish the late strain coho or some of the wild coho fisheries that are open in Washington or the Tahkenitch/Siltcoos wild coho fishery if it opens sometime after Nov. 7th.
<font size="2" face="verdana,arial,helvetica">I knew you could keep wild coho in certain Washington rivers. I just didn't know which one you were going to. :grin:
Let me know if you have room for an extra person sometime and maybe me or Brad could go fish with you.

Which wiggler were you using? #29?
Which river? Skynomish?
Nice fishy's Keith!

Most coho's I have caught or have seen caught what few times I have been able to fish this year are just average size but I did see a 20#+ come out of the Elocoman this season for the first time and I lost one fishing with Sturgeon Dave that was a 20#+ class coho in the Cowlitz a couple weeks ago before it muddied up.

Notice my brand new waders I was wearing in that pic above.
It sure was nice to stay dry for a change especially as cold as it was today.

Here's one of the five I caught a couple nights ago.
Small but a chrome delight.


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dan, it was a bw16, i had 2 till my wife lost hers on a big snag. i gave her mine and switched to a solid hot pink, seems like all they wanted was that plug. i had a few bumps, but she kept getting slammed hard, besides somebodys gotta row, anchor, net, :shrug: etc..we ran to fishermans on the way home and picked up a couple 29's and 16's next time i will try those.. that big buck and a chrome chinook i nailed both cut real pale so i think i will take it to sturgeon tom to have him smoke it :grin: .
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