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A friend, and fishing buddy, of mine passed away on Thursday, July 10th. He was not a member of Ifish, but he was a great fisherman. his name was Bryan Shaw. Some of you may know Bryan, as he kept his boat moored over the years at The Old Mill Marina. He never got his boat in the water this year, as he'd been fighting health issues for a while now. Bryan lived in Barview, where he and his wife Jean moved to when he retired several years ago.

I personally knew Bryan for over 20 years and fished with him a lot out of Garibaldi, either from his boat or mine. If you don't mind, I would like mention that he was supposed to fish with me on the Fourth, but called me the night of July 3rd to let me know he'd been having "some trouble" that day. I understood, and decided to go out on the Fourth alone, as I was already down at the beach. While out that morning, my cell phone rang and it was Bryan. He wanted to know how I was doing. I had one in the box. I told him I'd call him to let him know when I got my second fish, and did that just a few minutes later. I was limited by 6:45. I asked him how he was feeling and he not very good. He didn't explain, but I could tell he didn't sound too good. I mentioned to him that he probably should get in and get it checked out, and he said "yeah, I think I will."

As I crossed the bar on my way in, my cell phone rang, and it was him. His house overlooks the entrance to the bay and he asked, "did you just cross the bar?" I said yes. He said, "I thought that was you", and then mentioned, "not too bad, huh, got your limit and back in by 6:45." I agreed. He said he'd stop by my place a little later in the morning for a visit, and as always, I was looking forward to seeing and visiting with him. That visit never happend as by noon or so, he was on his way to Portland in a Medic Van. He hung on till Friday, but his heart and body finally gave out on him.

Bryan was a great person, had a great sense of humor and was always willing to help with any project, or in any way he could. He is survived by his wife Jean of 40 years and their kids, who are also great people!

I will miss him greatly as a friend and fishin' pal. I will always think of him when I head to the coast.

Bryan you will be missed by us all.

Thanks for letting me write this and apologize if I've depressed anyone.

....(Save a few fish up there for me Bryan...If there are fish in heaven, he will get his share!)
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