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Looking for Spanish Translator

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Anyone proficient at translating written documents from English to Spanish? I may have some work for the right person.


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Not anymore....but if they are text files have you considered an online translator? such as babelfish

Dont know if this would help, but thought I would throw it out there, I have used it several times to check myself...and seems to work pretty good..

Good luck!
Looks like I might just seen someone to proof documents after they have been translated - a good bit of work if someone is capable and willing. Send me a PM if interested.

Thanks, all for the responses so far!

Donde es el bano? = Where is the bathroom?

Mas cervesas por favor = More beer please!

That's the only 2 you need. Anything beyond that, and i'm out :shrug: :grin:

I can do pescado grande' ! :dance:

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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