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I am looking for a charter company to take some out of town visitors (probably about 5 of us) for good fishing on the coast. We are staying in Pacific City, but are willing to travel a little bit. I know very little about fishing. Does anyone have any recommendations for that area? We are hoping to catch a good dinner or two. Thanks!
Since you are staying in PC a dory trip would be a lot of fun. You can call Joe Hay at Haystack charters, it Dave from Eagle chaters. Both are great guys and you will have a ton of fun. I spent last summer as the fishchecker in PC so I know both of these guys will get you fish. If you would like a bigger charter, there are several charters out of Garibaldi.

Garibaldi Charters, Siggi-G Charters, Linda Sue 3 Charters, Kerri Lin Charters and ANdrea K charters. All of the boats are top notch and the captains are great guys!! All of them should be listes in the phone book. I am now the fishchecker in Garibaldi, so I know these guys will do a good job for you as well. Take care and good luck!!

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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