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Looking for a home for a German Wirehair Pointer.

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I have been given a 6 month old pup a German Wirehair Pointer. This is a very intelligent dog she is a little too much for our home though. I wanted to train her for hunting but I just don't have the time to invest in her right now. I am trying to start a business and it is taking all of my free time. This dog is very attached to my wife and I have not been able to establish a good bond with her (the dog not my wife)I have found it very difficult to work with her because she is looking for my wife and I am not able to get her attention and with my limited time it just is not working out. The dog will sit on command and will also fetch a dummy.

I think an experienced person could make a great gun dog out of her. I will be looking for a person who has the time to invest in this dog and the facillities to properly keep her. We will be screening people very closly because we want to see her in the right home. If you are interested in this dog send me a PM and include the information about your situation as far as being able to keep and take care of her. Preference will go to the person that will be using her for hunting and have the ability to train her.
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please call my friend or give me your number

jason 541-409-6378
Good on you for being selective, That is the right way to do it.

I'd love to help, but with my dogs being the ages they are, and the dynamics of our pack (family) A pup might be a bad fit at this time.

Good luck though, and good on you for looking out for that dog.
I would be interested In the dog I live in sandy oregon I have a lab currently I just had my old hunting dog put down I would love to get another one. I have never owned a wire hair but I am familiar with them my brother and one of my friends swear by them as hunting dogs. I have fenced yard and there is some room to run along with a nice area with a pond and quail running around for training. I would like to know a little bit more about the dog. PM if the dog is still available.
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