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My fishin' buddy Paul and I hit the coast this week for a few days of fun-in-the-sun... We caught a few bait fish (herring) off the peer, crabbed-a-bit (no real luck to speak of), got our limit of Caucles, and headed off to Depot Bay to fish for Lingcod off the rocks. We tied up our baits with two hooks, a whole herring and a 3-foot dropper to a 2 ounce sinker. The fishing was a bit slow, but two lings were landed: a 23 incher (really brown in color), and a 25 incher (with a real green belly). Surprisingly, I also caught a 10 inch greenling before we left the coast. Lingcod can be found in really close off the rocks. Whether you are off the South Jetty at Newport or right off the main drag at Depot bay - Lincod are fun fish to catch... They dive for the rocks immediatekly after setting the hook, so make sure your leader material is thick and your pole has some backbone. HAPPY FISHING IFISHER'S!!!

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