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I usually troll with Needlefish type lures but the first time we were there 2 years ago we were getting nothing- but we noticed a boat was drifting with the wind with bait in the "east arm". It seems the wind is always blowing back into it. Just start a couple hundred yards out and let the wind take you back into the arm. We used simply a 1/3 worm on a hook and a split shot or two. Caught all the fish we wanted with that method. Used power bait in the same manner also with great luck. Not my preferred way to catch fish but it beats getting skunked. Both trips we have made there have given up some really fat and fiesty 12-13 inch rainbows.
The arm next to it which goes more or less south has a steep bank on the east edge. We had great luck there also with the Needlefish down 20ft on downriggers.
I would never drive by Lemelo without stopping to fish.
And I have never kept any of the fish we caught- so you and I both can find them bigger next time- good luck- stop killing all the fish!
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