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Took a leisurely drive to Hammond today, to put in and do a little fishing. It wasn't nice out, but not too bad.
We put in and fished toward the sawdust pile. Nothing! We saw one on, and one landed, the whole time out. Of course, we only stayed an hour or so, before we decided to take out and go to the Nehalem.
Just as we decided to go, we saw a ship headed out to sea from Astoria. It was a long ways off, and we started in.
Pretty soon, we hear the ship do it's four short warning horn. It was nearly on top of a bunch of boaters, and traveling really, really fast! I have never seen a ship truck like this one!!! It did four or five sets of warning horns, one after another, and just plowed through! It was really scary! Usually ships go slow during fishing season. Not this one! I can't imagine what they were thinking. It only makes you wonder if they get irritated at so many boats and obstructions. But, irritate enough to be dangerous? Wow!
Even Bill, who is really used to fishing around these ships, said, "Whoa! That ship is coming fast!"
Originally, he had told me we would just troll to the side, but when he noticed the speed of approach, he said, "Pick up! We are headed out of his way!"

It amazes me how other boats just stayed there, totally unaware of the danger.

Anyway, asked the checker at noon how many fish at Hammond. She said, "I can't tell you."
I said, "What?"
She said, "You are from ifish, right?"
She then laughed, "It wouldn't be good for the industry for me to tell you!"
She finally told me. Three fish she had counted all morning!
Man, why is it that I choose the most dead day of the year to go to Hammond??? It's been red hot, and I go on a day with three fish caught by noon?


Maybe we just don't know how it's done anymore, but the reports didn't seem red hot! :smile:

Headed to Nehalem, got there, decided we were tired, and when the fish checker there, at 2, said that she had only counted four fish, we said, "Bag it!"

Bill is sound asleep in his favorite chair. It's a foggy, dark, coastal fall day. Think I'll soon be in my favorite chair doing the same thing.

:sleep: :sleep: :sleep:

There is always tomorrow. :smile:


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I fished outside of Hammond a couple hours yesterday and it was just as slow. I guess it was much better above the bridge and on the Washington side. :shrug:

Stay clear of those ships! :shocked:

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The female checker at Hammond checked in are one 15lb Coho around 1100 or so we saw you and bill headed out as we were coming in but you turned to quick for me to say Hi. :smile:

It was pretty slow yesterday but I did see several Coho being cleaned as we cleaned ares at the fish station...But very slow

We also stopped by wheeler and took a look around but decided to head into Tillamook for some fresh Oyster's Yum...

Good luck if you guys head back out this week... :cheers:

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Jen don't feel bad, Den and I went out on the Nehalem on tuesday, beautiful warm sunny day. Headed from the boat ramp headed up river to the barn hole area where we had been told fishing was good. Got there, after two blasts to go slower, found a corner where the fish were jumping just not biting...

Almost melted in the hot sun..

thru everthing but the kitchen sink at them...

they just laughed at us...

silvers jumped in front of us and smiled...

bottom feeders gobled up our eggs and shrimp...

spinners did nothing to attract them...

decided to call it a day....

ask the fish checker girl how many fish came in...

none she said...

then we didn't feel so bad...

but three days later I heard a school of fish

had come in and the bite went crazy...

wrong day...write place...never fails...

My day off and no fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well like you said theres always tomorrow...


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Went out of Chinook Landing at 6:30AM this morning with Sturgeon Tom, Bug_Flicker and his wife Joanie (what a trooper she was). It was a rather slow day, but we brought home 2 keeper Cohos in the 9-10lb range. Those two were a double caught right under the bridge. Released a several more, not all by choice :rolleyes: , including one nice Chinook that Tom did battle with. We fished till 3PM. The weather got pretty dicey in the morning, it rained hard, the wind blew like crazy and it was pretty miserable for a while. Then it settled down to just a pain in the rear to fish in, but tolerable. The weather improved in the afternoon but the fishing didn't.

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Jen: I fished all day Saturday in the spot on the Columbia I told you about. Saw five caught in less
then Three hours by the same boat. The wind blew me off and I went down river. Saw a few caught but there was a really hot bite after dark. Fished Sunday with a friend back up above
and I caught only one of three fish I saw caught all day. It was a 23 # buck.
Ok it was hot. But this rain should stimulate a bite someplace. I hear the clack has Silver in it up
to Barton but no biters. We will see after Tomorrow.

I wonder how soon before the nets go back in. Someone told me that the biologist told him that
the netters got too many tullies the first season and want more time in the water. When are the
sportfishermen going to organized and make a Total assualt on the Gillnets ?
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