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Layout boat build update

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Well, I got ALOT of work done in a short period of time tuesday. What you see in the pictures is only a small part of what was done. lol The garage had to be cleaned out for enough room to do it. I had to clean out the other boat and move it into the yard. A second floor wall had to be painted from a 20' ladder that was being shaken by a toddler most of the time. Thank God my wife was holding the ladder the whole time!:pray:

So I've got the barest bones of it together and the next steps must wait until monday when I'm off a gain. Here are some pics of what I've done so far.

The frame

The transom and stern.
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OOOPS there was something I was going to tell ya that I just remebered....Its easier to cut out that section of the ribs before installing/hooking them to the gunnels.

Looking Good!:grin:
Is that a Broadbill?
I'm envious.
Nope. It's a modified Kara Hummer. Just how modified is still making me crazy! I want to totally trick it out, but don't have the money for it now OR the time. I want it water ready by October 1st and doing water trials to see which of my motors I like best on it. I've got a 3.5hp Nissan SS 2stroke and a 65#thrust 24v Minnkota. The water trials will answer many questions I have concerning propulsion, tracking and ride, etc. If I had another 2 months, I would wire it for running lights/ spot lights and internal LEDs and maybe a bilge pump. Instead, I will probably run flexible plastic conduit along the path of future wiring and allow for access later on.

Lonnie, I'll be cutting out those pieces monday and reinforcing the 90 degree angle cuts with L-shaped plywood gussets. A guy on that other boat thread I sent you suggested that to prevent the supports cracking. What do you think? Are the L-shaped pieces necessary? Or will the plywood decking and fiberglassing keep it all solid?
I've done a good bit more work on it. Cockpit is now assemled and attached instead of loose boards piled on the deck like in the pic. Fore deck rib and support is in and fabrication of the aft dry storage compartment is underway. With luck, the dry storage will be in tonight as well as side deck supports and I should be ready for plywood!:dance:

My fiberglass cloth is scheduled to arrive on the 5th and I hope to get to glassing shortly after it arrives. I'll try to put some pics up later tonight or in the am.
Go Go Go! The clock is ticking!!!

Keep it up buddy!

It looks great. I realy like the design of them boats.

Did you go with the hemlock or did you pre-bend?
I went with the hemlock/fir. I think that's what it was. It wasn't as high priced as the hemlock (nor as bitter!:passout::grin:) but worked out fine. Very clear and strong. The next one I build (yea. I can tell already there will be another one ) will be of all hemlock type wood and plywood. Working around the knots in the cheap pine boards has been anoying and wastes a good bit of wood. Then there's the boards that get all warped before you can even use them. That was a head scratcher there. "Hey! You was straight when I bought you!"

Oh, yeah, I drilled 3/4" holes in the ribs to run wiring later on.
Pic of whole boat so far.

Cockpit detail

Future path of electrical system
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You'll be happy you pre-drilled those holes. Having permanent wiring is very, very nice on the small boats.

Maybe you are doing this or have a better idea.

I found a router to be ideal for trimming the plywood and rounding out the edges of the coaming, ect......

I just cut the skins a little large and then glued and screwed them on. After it dries I used the router to trim them to size.
Yeah, I think it's just gonna have to be how the mood strikes me when I get to trimming the plywood. Whatever is easiest and leaves the cleanest edge. I've got a jigsaw, router and a zip saw. Just gotta find time to finish the dry storage.
I'm finding this boat building... VERY INTERESTING.
What is the estimated weight???
I'm finding this boat building... VERY INTERESTING.
What is the estimated weight???

Me too - thanks for keeping us updated Daffyblaster. I'm a relatively new waterfowler and have never hunter from a boat but using one of the layout boats looks intriguing.

Thanks, guys! Everything I've read about hunting from these boats has made me very excited about building one and hunting from it. Word of caution: Boat building is VERY addictive!

Kara hummer as built from plans has an estimated weight of around 120lbs. I am hoping that mine won't exceed 140 with my modifications.

Keep up the comments, guys! I need all the encouragement I can get if I'm gonna have it doen in time!:cheers:
Keep up the comments, guys! I need all the encouragement I can get if I'm gonna have it doen in time!:cheers:
...then stay off of iFish and get to that boat. You're wasting time pounding on the keyboard when you should be working on that boat. Go go go!

Dude!! I'm at work.;)
Pfft... excuses.

Actually, what the heck are you doing on iFish at work... er... uh... never mind.

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