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I went out Salmon fishing on Saturday with my Wife, Daughter and Grand Daughter. We caught 3 silvers and let the Grand Daughter reel in a couple of them. I hadn't really planned on going out for Tuna on Sunday but decided late on Saturday that I wanted to get some Tuna blood in the boat. (actually the wife finally gave me permission)
I found a couple of friends that were interested and finally filled up the boat around 9:00pm with two people that were looking for a Sunday ride.
A really good crew, rainrshine, Dennis, Chinook Nut (Kurt) and Robert, smooth ocean and lots of fish. We dropped in about Halibut Hill and trolled for about 30 minutes with no success so we picked um up and ran NW about 12 miles. We were getting singles and doubles but not real good action until we put on a pink clone. It got hit as soon as it was in the water. After 3 times doing that we spotted a trend so a couple more pink clones went swimming. Shortly after we had a 5 spot going and landed 4. We finished up at 47 over 47. I called out the numbers but nobody came, they were all busy at their own honey holes.
At the end of the day when a reel would start zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, the crew were trying to look busy doing something else so someone else would pick up the rod.
Very good day with a helpful crew, I appreciated the effort.
Thanks guys.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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