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I've got my dad in quite a situation and was wondering if there is an ifisher or a guide out there willing to help out.
My dad is pulling his camp trailer over to Astoria Thursday night and the plan was for me or uncle to bring the boat over. Because of work situations neither my uncle or I can get the boat there until Saturday morning.
Would anybody fishing B-10 area be willing to take my dad a long on Friday since he will be boatless? He's a good guy and knows the area pretty well. In fact he could point out the sandbars that he's been stuck on. :grin: Seriously though I'd really appreciate it if someone could help out.
He works at a pie company and they makethe best hand made marion berry pie anywhere and I'll have him pack one a long to give you. He could also bring bait and help with fuel. Also he and I would be willing to trade a winter steelhead drift boat trip if you desire.
GUIDES- If anyone has an open seat he'd gladly pay too.

E-mail me your phone number and I'll have him call you tomorrow to set it up.

Thank you ifishers :cheers:

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