I’m selling the following collection of bullets, new/used brass, used shotgun hulls/wads and older reloading equipment. I want to sell it all as a single lot so I’ve priced it based on the retail value (Midway or Natchez) of the bullets and new brass minus 20%, and then subtracted another $85. A lot of the bullets were out of stock with no back order available. All of the used brass (including 63 rounds of lightly used Nosler 280AI), hulls, wads, and the reloading equipment comes along at no cost.

I would consider a trade for an RCBS reloading kit of equal value such as the Rock Chucker Supreme Master kit. I would also consider firearms or quality salmon trolling rods.

Again, it’s priced to sell as one lot and I’m not interested in breaking it up. I’m in Portland, Grants Pass, and Eugene/Corvallis on a pretty regular basis for work so it may be possible to arrange deliver. Everything is located in Bend.

I’ve attached pictures of the reloading equipment but I think it’s mostly display/collectable qualityHere’s a list of the bullets, brass, and hulls that are included:

Sierra .257 117 gr spitzer boat tail-366
Sierra .257 90 gr hollow point BT-39
Sierra .257 87 gr. Spitzer-44
Sierra .257 100 gr. Spitzer Boat tail-57
Barnes .257 100 gr. TSX Boat tail-30

Nosler 7mm ETIP 150 gr. Spitzer-70
Barnes 7mm 150 gr. TTSX Boattail-38
Barnes 7mm 140 gr. TTSX Boat tail-44
Sierra 7mm 175 gr. Spitzer Boat tail-101
Sierra 7mm 168 gr. HPBT Match-274
Plus 20 unlabeled 7mm

Remington 280 new brass-148
Nosler 280AI brass used-63
Mixed 257 Roberts brass used-241
Remington 280 used formed and deprimered-50
30-30 brass used-158
30 Carbine used-80
Full ziplock of mixed pistol brass used
Full ziplock of 30-06, LC62, 32 Win, 308, 223, and unknown all used

Shotgun Hulls
Federal 20 gauge high chrome hulls- 335
Winchester 20 gauge low chrome hulls-304
No name 20 gauge high brass hulls-104
Unknown number of 20 gauge wads

The new ifish protocols are limiting the number of photos I can can upload so I’ll try to upload things in multiple posts. If I can’t do so just shoot me a DM and I’ll either email or text pictures.