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I got my airbrush from Dixie Art, they have an incredible selection. I went with the Pasche VL which does most everything I want. I have heard some good things about the Badger 360 also.

I think the best deal is to get the airbrush from Michaels after you cut out the 40% off one item coupon out of every sundays paper.

I had a Harbor Freight single action airbrush, I might was well tried to paint eyes on my quickfish with a 4 inch paintbrush. :hoboy: You get what you pay for, I have several things from Harbor Freight and for some things it works out to be a bargain, on others I shoulda just spent the money up front before I tried to do it the cheap way.

No matter what you do, I recommend you get a double action airbrush. A single action is push the button and paint flies, no adjustment. A dual action you push the button and air travels and you can regulate how much paint you get by pulling back on the airbrush trigger. My VL set came with 3 needles so I can change those to regulate how much paint comes out when I pull the trigger all the way back.

I ordered several of the paint bottles with spray tops and solid tops, but find I use the little thimble shaped thing the most that is open to the top, I pour the paint in the thimble and paint away, takes almost no time to clean out, I spray a little water to clean the tip and switch colors very fast. I have painted several hundred lures in the last year and the more you use it the better you get.

Createx paint is kind of expensive but it sure goes thru the gun nice, all prethinned and filtered. I have been mixing some paints to get different colors because buying all the colors gets spendy. I wish I would have paid better attention in art class to how the color wheel worked
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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